Wilwood Braking Boosts Toyota’s Pickup Prowess

Wilwood Disc Brakes has unleashed a direct-mount braking solution for the 2022 Toyota Tundra, empowering the popular pickup with enhanced stopping power and confidence. Meet the Aero6-DM kits, seamlessly bolt-on upgrades designed to elevate braking performance across daily commutes, demanding off-road journeys, and heavy-duty hauling tasks.

More Bite, Less Fuss:

The Aero6-DM’s six-piston Aerolite calipers clamp down with authority, delivering improved stopping power and a confident pedal feel. Forget low-speed jitters; these kits offer effortless modulation, making city driving a breeze. And with larger pads and rotors packing extra thermal capacity, tackling aggressive highway maneuvers, off-road adventures, and hefty payloads becomes a worry-free experience.

Direct and Durable:

Precision-forged aluminum calipers seamlessly bolt onto the Tundra’s spindle, eliminating the need for adapters and simplifying installation. Premium 13.56-inch rotors crafted from long-grain carbon-iron alloy provide exceptional stopping power. Choose from sleek GT slotted or SRP drilled and slotted designs, both coated for corrosion resistance.

Smart Pads, Stylish Choices:

Wilwood‘s SmartPad™ BP-“Q” ceramic-based compound strikes the perfect balance, excelling in daily driving while offering impressive performance when the need for speed arises. And for those who like their brakes to match their truck’s personality, Wilwood offers a dazzling array of 22 caliper color options (additional charges apply).

Ready to Rule the Road:

Starting at $1,787.51, the Aero6-DM kits represent a worthwhile investment for Tundra owners seeking a significant upgrade in braking performance. Whether you navigate city streets, conquer rugged terrains, or tow heavy loads, Wilwood’s precision engineering ensures your truck stops on a dime, every time.


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