Webb Introduces UltraGrip Brake Pad Series

Webb Wheel Products, a leader in the commercial vehicle industry, has unveiled its revolutionary UltraGrip Brake Pad series, setting a new standard for performance and rotor friendliness. This innovative line caters to diverse needs, offering three distinct options to optimize braking for any application.

UltraGrip Plus: High-Performance Powerhouse

  • Engineered for exceptional stopping power without compromising rotor life.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty trucks and trailers operating in demanding conditions.
  • Features a unique ceramic formula that reduces fade and noise.

UltraGrip Premium: Versatile Stopping Perfection

  • Delivers superior performance across a broad range of applications, from highway fleets to vocational trucks.
  • Offers excellent balance between stopping power, pad wear, and rotor compatibility.
  • Features a low-dust formulation for cleaner wheels and improved visibility.

UltraGrip Severe-Duty: Uncompromising Reliability

  • Built for the most rigorous hauling tasks and extreme environments.
  • Provides consistent friction and extended pad life, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Features a robust steel backing plate for enhanced durability and heat dissipation.

Beyond Performance: A Commitment to Quality

The UltraGrip series goes beyond raw stopping power. Each pad is meticulously crafted with:

  • Level “N” copper-free certification: Safeguarding both the environment and driver health.
  • Compliance with FMVSS-121 and ECE R90 standards: Ensuring optimal safety and regulatory adherence.
  • Patented pad retention system: Guaranteeing secure installation and performance.

Experience the Webb Difference

Webb’s UltraGrip Brake Pads represent a game-changer in the commercial vehicle industry. By combining cutting-edge technology with unwavering commitment to quality, Webb empowers fleets to operate with confidence, efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

Learn more about the UltraGrip Series here


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