Waupaca Foundry Triumphs in Global Awards

Waupaca Foundry, a prominent iron casting supplier based in Waupaca, Wisconsin, has remarkably outperformed global competitors by securing awards in three distinct categories from Bosch Rexroth in 2023. This achievement places Waupaca Foundry at the forefront of the industry, distinguishing it among 300 global suppliers recognized at Bosch Rexroth’s annual awards dinner. The accolades encompass areas of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and technological and corporate partnership.

Why It Matters

Waupaca Foundry’s recognition is not just a testament to its excellence in the iron casting sector but also highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. In an era where environmental performance and ethical corporate practices are increasingly under the microscope, Waupaca’s achievements set a benchmark for the industry. Moreover, their success in maintaining high standards in product quality and delivery amidst the challenges of the pandemic underscores their reliability and resilience as a key player in the global supply chain.

Key Points

  • Top Performer: Bosch Rexroth commended Waupaca Foundry for excellence in contract management, quality, and delivery, ranking it among the top foundries worldwide.
  • Sustainability Leader: The company was lauded for best practices in sustainability, excelling in environmental performance disclosure.
  • Corporate Partnership: Recognized for creativity in overcoming product quality and delivery challenges, Waupaca Foundry demonstrated exceptional professionalism and adherence to pricing agreements during challenging times.
  • Industry Impact: The accolades reflect the company’s significant role in the global supply chain, especially in producing hydraulic motors housings for Bosch Rexroth’s industrial and mobile applications.

Bottom Line

Waupaca Foundry’s recent accolades from Bosch Rexroth underscore its leadership in the iron casting industry, not only in terms of product quality and delivery but also in sustainability and corporate responsibility. These awards highlight the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation, setting a high standard for competitors and cementing its reputation as a reliable and ethical supplier in the global market.


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