Turns Safer with Continental’s Turn Assist

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Source: Continental announcement

ALLENTOWN, Penn. — Continental, a leading global supplier of systems, components, and tires to automobile, truck, and agriculture/construction equipment manufacturers, and a trusted provider of original-equipment-engineered aftermarket parts, now offers a new technology for commercial vehicles and RVs that makes roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists by actively monitoring the vehicle’s blind spots during right-hand turns.

Continental’s Turn Assist makes right-hand turns safer and easier and reduces driver stress by warning the driver with audible and visual alerts when pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users are detected inside the vehicle’s danger zone.

This innovative, radar-based system also delivers reliable detection in bad weather and under poor lighting conditions. It can be retrofitted on all types of trucks, buses, and RVs, including older vehicles and can also be connected to other vehicle warning systems.

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The Continental Turn Assist system features a radar sensor, evaluation unit, buzzer for audible warning, steering angle sensor, and a light for visual warning. The radar sensor is installed on the rear-view mirror and monitors an area up to 13 feet to the side of the vehicle and up to 46 feet behind it.

“Increasing the safety of vulnerable road users is an important social responsibility and could not be of more critical need in today’s transportation market,” notes Nate Stehman, Project Manager at Continental’s Commercial Vehicles & Services business unit. “The popularity of cycling has been on a continual rise and due to the coronavirus, more and more people are forgoing public transportation and getting on their bikes and scooters instead. An affordable, high-tech safety solution like the Continental Turn Assist System is just what drivers of commercial vehicles and RVs need to be better aware of pedestrians, cyclists, and others near their vehicle so they can corner safely.”

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Continental has extensive know-how and many years of expertise in the field of turn assist systems for trucks and passenger cars. Work has already started on the third generation of the technology. In the future, a combination of radar and camera data working with artificial intelligence will even recognize the gestures of cyclists and pedestrians, helping to protect the most vulnerable road users even more proactively.

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