Superbike Stars Explore Brembo Tech

Jonathan Rea and Andrea Locatelli, Yamaha’s new dynamic duo, recently delved into the world of racing brakes during a visit to Brembo’s specialized Racing department. This expedition provided an exceptional opportunity for the riders to gain firsthand insight into the cutting-edge technology behind their performance on the track. The visit underscores the importance of braking systems in motorsports and highlights Brembo’s pivotal role in the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Superbike World Champions’ Visit: Jonathan Rea, with six titles, and Andrea Locatelli, holding one, lead in world championship victories within their team.
  • Exclusive Insight: The tour included a behind-the-scenes look at Brembo’s top-secret facilities, showcasing the technological marvels and innovations in braking systems.
  • Tech Deep Dive: The riders examined Formula 1 brake calipers, appreciating their lightweight and asking detailed questions about their design and functionality.
  • Uniform Excellence: In Superbike racing, all teams use Brembo’s aluminum monobloc calipers, highlighting a standardized excellence across the sport.
  • Potential Future in Racing: The visit hinted at the riders’ interest in possibly transitioning to car racing, following the footsteps of legends like Valentino Rossi.

In a notable change for the 2023 season, major teams in the Superbike World Championship underwent significant lineup alterations. Among these, the Pata Yamaha Prometeon team emerged with the most collective World Rider titles, thanks to the addition of Rea and the existing prowess of Locatelli.

During their visit, Rea and Locatelli were introduced to the intricacies of Brembo’s brake systems by none other than Mario Almondo, the COO of Brembo Performance, alongside a team of dedicated engineers. Their exploration included a close examination of Formula 1 calipers, a testament to the riders’ curiosity and Brembo’s innovation.

Brembo’s braking systems are a staple in the Superbike World Championship, with about 80% of riders relying on their technology. This visit not only highlighted the critical role of advanced braking systems in motorsport success but also reinforced Brembo’s position as a leader in the field. As Rea and Locatelli continue to dominate the tracks, their interaction with Brembo’s cutting-edge technology could very well shape the future of racing.

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