Sphere Brake System being Tested by Army and Marines

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ERIE, Penn. – Sphere Brakes Defense, LLC’s recently posted the following, including the photo presented above, on Linkedin.

The world’s first A/H Sphere Brake kits have been installed on the first military ground vehicles in history, as part of a rapid prototyping effort with the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office and Marine Corps Systems Command.

The unprecedented bolt-on sphere brake kit allows the ability to change brake pads without any tools, while integrating with ABS and CTIS.

And yes, that’s the MTVA1P2 test vehicle holding strong on 60 slope!


As a veteran-owned small business based in Erie, Penn., SBD develops and commercializes disruptive technology for the Department of Defense (DOD), commercial vehicle, rail, and e-mobility industries.

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