Replacement Component Expansion by Brembo

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Source: Brembo announcement

DETROIT – Brembo, once again, has added to its line of aftermarket replacement brake pad and rotor offerings with more than 130 new part numbers.

Brembo, a world leader in brake technology, has added 51 new brake-rotor part numbers and 83 new brake-pad offerings to its line of aftermarket replacement parts for the professional and do-it-yourself technician.

The company will add 50 new replacement options of its UV-coated rotors to the catalog along with one Xtra addition to the line-up (35 European applications, 11 Asian, five domestic).

Brembo UV coated rotors provide improved braking while maintaining that great look through the wheel. Brembo Xtra rotors combine performance, reliability and attractive design that are distinguished by cooling holes which offer a race aesthetic with brilliant performance to deliver effective braking in all conditions.

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“Our line of replacement brake rotors and brake pads continues to expand,” said, Walter Keating, Brembo North America aftermarket manager. “This release of new product keeps pace with the market and covers popular models like the 2020 Honda Accord, MX-5 Miata, Jeep Renegade, and Grand Cherokee.

“We’re pleased to keep in step with all current regulations, including offering brake pads with less than 5 percent copper content. With these new part numbers added to our catalog we cover over 95 percent of the cars, trucks, and SUVs in service today with replacement brake pads and rotors.”

Of the 83 new part releases, 50 are Brembo Ceramic pads which are recognized by their red backing plate. These pads are engineered for comfort, minimal noise and vibration for maximum driving comfort. Of the 50 newly released Ceramic pads, 27 are European applications,16 Asian and seven domestic.

The other 33 new pad releases are Low-Met – 28 European applications, four Asian applications, one domestic. Low-Met pads are constructed of 10-50 percent metal by weight creating a high-performance braking pad surface. Brembo Low-Met brake pads are distinguishable by their black backing plate. The company’s Low-Met pads are engineered for more aggressive driving.

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In addition to a complete line of replacement brake rotors and pads, Brembo also offers its B-Quiet lubricant specifically formulated to lubricate brake parts. Brembo B-Quiet lubricant for calipers, pins, bushings and pad backing plates effectively reduces brake system noise and protects components from corrosion.

The complete line of Brembo replacement discs, pads, fluids, and B-Quiet lubricant can be viewed and purchased at

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