Raybestos® Unveils Advanced R-Line+ Rotor

Raybestos® has officially launched its latest innovation, the R-Line+ Rotor. A culmination of advanced metallurgy and a resin-modified material, this new brake rotor is specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental elements.

Why It Matters

Brakes play a critical role in vehicle safety. Rust and corrosion can undermine a brake rotor’s efficiency, leading to potential safety issues. With the introduction of the R-Line+ Rotor, Raybestos® offers an advanced solution that significantly enhances corrosion resistance, thus promoting longer rotor life and safer braking performance.

Key Points

  • Enhanced Durability: A resin-modified material used on the hat and edges shields against rust and corrosion.
  • Consistent Braking: The rotor boasts a superior surface finish.
  • Smooth Performance: Low initial lateral run-out and disc thickness variation ensures vibration-free braking.
  • Heat Management: Features OE vane design and plate thickness for effective heat capacity and transfer.
  • Structural Strength: Advanced metallurgy enhances the rotor’s resilience.
  • Precision Balance: Ensures vibration-free performance across various conditions.
  • Sleek Packaging: The new line comes in a black box featuring a graphic side label for quick identification.

For those interested in exploring more about this groundbreaking rotor, they can visit the official Raybestos® website or reach out to their local Raybestos Sales Representative.

Bottom Line

The new R-Line+ Rotor by Raybestos® signifies a leap forward in brake rotor technology, offering enhanced durability, efficiency, and safety. As part of the First Brands Group™, a global automotive parts conglomerate, Raybestos® continues its tradition of delivering high-quality brake solutions.

About First Brands Group™: First Brands Group™ stands as a leading global automotive parts firm, offering premium products via a collection of eminent brands like Raybestos®, Centric Parts®, StopTech®, and more. The group is celebrated for its cutting-edge technology, unmatched engineering prowess, and exemplary customer service.


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