NRS Brakes Expands Range

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Source: NRS Brakes announcement

TORONTO — NRS Brakes, part of the NUCAP family of technologies,  recently added 22 New part numbers for 2017-2022 Tesla, Ford, GMC, Dodge, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Jeep vehicles, covering 10-million vehicles in its galvanized premium brake-pad product line.

Kits also include abutment hardware and caliper piston cushions where applicable.

Canadian-made premium galvanized brake pads by NRS Brakes have a technology that can be seen: rust resistant, unpainted galvanized steel that incorporates an award winning, patented NRS friction attachment technology.

The result is, according to NRS Brakes, “the world’s quietest, safest and longest lasting brake pads. Galvanized steel that outlasts the friction. Won’t fail as a result of corrosion or friction material delamination from the backing plate, giving you more secure, safer stops.”

NRS brake pads are made with galvanized steel with shark-like teeth that provide a mechanical retention of the friction material, overcoming inadequacies of adhesive usage. This guarantees that the friction material will never delaminate, providing a longer life and safer brake operation for the entire life of the pad.

About NRS Brakes

NRS Brakes, based in Toronto, is a global leader in brake pad technology. Its pioneering and PACE award-winning NUCAP Retention System mechanical attachment is licensed to leading brake manufacturers for more than twenty years.

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The company launched the anti-rust galvanized brake pads – the longest lasting brake pads in the world – renowned for their quality, durability, and longevity. From advancements in brake testing, noise suppression and environmentally safe manufacturing, NRS Brakes remains at the forefront of brake safety and innovation. The company is a founding member of the Global Brake Safety Council and Safe Braking consortium and part of the NUCAP family of innovation companies that include SpiderTech, GRIPMetal, GRIPBlock and NUCAP Energy.

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