New Products Highlight Brembo at AAPEX

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LAS VEGAS – Brembo, world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology, is displaying its full line-up of aftermarket brake components in booth A2471 at the AAPEX Show in Las Vegas.


Brembo’s product portfolio is the result of years of continuous research and innovation in the field of braking technology. In order to meet the new challenges and needs of mobility, the company is constantly developing leading-edge innovative solutions that best respond to the evolution of modern vehicles. This is also mirrored by the on-going expansion of its replacement product offering and the overall Brembo product strategy to anticipate customer needs to achieve best-in-class performances in terms of sustainability.

In the light of how the aftermarket functions as well as how it has evolved, Brembo decided to segment its entire range of replacement solutions into three product families. Each one is designated to answer specific customer and vehicle needs, and features the highest quality, and innovation which the Italian brake specialist is known for.

Brembo Prime, the premium line, is tailor-made for consumers who are seeking the best fit for their car, LCV or truck. Brembo’s engineers have developed this replacement range to meet vehicle models’ specifications and to enhance their characteristics through high technical and quality standards. The Brembo Prime family consists of brake discs, brake pads, calipers, brake fluid and additional brake accessories.

Brembo Beyond embraces the company’s mission to become a solution provider, improving the driving dynamics of new mobility vehicles, with a specific focus on sustainable solutions. This product family includes the Brembo Beyond EV kit, a new range of specially coated discs and innovative brake pads that are quieter and more resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and therefore last longer. These advantages all contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s environmental footprint. The Brembo Beyond EV Kit is fully dedicated to electric vehicles and has been awarded at the innovation gallery of Madrid Motortec in the category “mechanical components”.

Brembo Xtra is the ideal and best choice for passionate drivers who are looking for customization elements for their cars as well as the specific characteristics of quality, reliability and performance typical of all the company’s products. This is why the Xtra range is the cool line of the Aftermarket segment. Xtra includes drilled and slotted brake discs, high friction pads, new colored aluminum calipers, and a new advanced brake fluid.


Brembo Beyond EV Kit extends its aftermarket reach with its new specifically designed for electric vehicles already on the road.

The new Beyond EV Kit consists of specially coated discs and innovative brake pads, substantially enhancing Brembo’s aftermarket offering for electric cars. The latest Brembo solutions, derived directly from OE heritage and expertise, have been specifically designed to combine low environmental impact with the best possible performance and safety. This has been achieved thanks to innovative materials and modern technologies used during the development process.

The Brembo Beyond EV Kit includes a new EV disc and EV pad range, tailor-made for the most popular electric cars on the market. The new components are quieter and more resistant to oxidation and therefore last longer, advantages that all contribute to sustainability. A double-protective treatment helps to prevent corrosion of the entire kit and adds brilliance and appealing aesthetics to the discs. Furthermore, a special copper-free friction material with a galvanized backing plate reduces both dust and road noise when braking.

Safety and durability were central to the design of this new braking solution. Electric cars use regenerative braking in addition to traditional dissipative braking, resulting in reduced use of friction brakes. Over time, this can result in the formation of rust on brake system components that are not used, eroding the safety of the brake system, and increasing maintenance costs. Brembo’s goal was to create a brake kit that was quiet and resistant to corrosion, but which also minimized residual drag. The latest range of Brembo EV pads and EV discs meets these needs, transferring many of the technological innovations, materials and treatments introduced by the company for the OE Market.

Braking systems play a key role in shaping the future of mobility and Brembo, as a solution provider, is developing new and more sophisticated products that will improve the driving dynamics of this new generation of vehicles.


Brembo Calipers X-Style adds a splash of color into the wheels of OEM cars already on the road.

The new replacement program puts the emphasis on aesthetics without compromising high technical and quality. Brembo Calipers X-Style is dedicated to premium models. Brembo Calipers X-Style exude a colorful touch of originality and are the ideal choice for passionate drivers who seek the plug-and-play set-up of the car. This introduction enhances Brembo’s exclusive Aftermarket offering and completes the renewal of its Xtra line which already includes Brembo Xtra brake pads and discs.

Brembo Calipers X-Style directly derive from the consolidated original-equipment (OE) experience of the company. The company’s engineers have been charged with transferring Brembo’s technical know-how to the new replacement proposal, with a continuing emphasis on aesthetics. This has led to the development of a new range of fixed aluminum calipers that will satisfy the demand for personalization as well as the essential characteristics of quality, reliability and performance. Brembo Calipers X-Style thus confirm the company’s mission to become a “solution provider” for all the specific needs of its customers.

Drivers will have the possibility to choose which color best enhances their personality or the look of their premium car. The standard shades are red, yellow, black, and grey – more custom colors are available on request.

The Brembo Calipers X-Style is a dedicated kit that includes two Brembo fixed aluminum front calipers and two sets of accessories (springs and pins).


Brembo introduced the Greenance Kit Concept to AAPEX visitors today in Las Vegas. This jointly developed new range of combined special alloy discs and dedicated brake pads greatly enriches Brembo’s aftermarket line-up. Directly derived from the company’s extensive and continuous innovation in the Original Equipment (OE) market, Brembo’s latest solution aims to combine top braking performance with lower environmental impact, while also increasing disc life.

Thanks to the company’s technological know-how and continuous research and development, the Greenance Kit Concept guarantees the highest technical and quality standards, which are found in all Brembo products. The latest future-oriented solution lasts up to three-times as long and combines a lower environmental impact.

At the same time, it ensures a much lower environmental impact with a significant reduction in emissions, 83 percent in PM102 and 80 percent in PM2.5. These solutions have already achieved the ECE-R90 homologation tests as well as the most severe benchmark road tests, which are conducted by the company’s technicians, according to Brembo’s stringent requirements.

Deriving its name by merging the words ‘GREEN’ and ‘PERFORMANCE’, the Brembo Greenance Kit Concept is a solution that anticipates low environmental impact requirements.

The program matches both customer expectations and the eagerness to contribute to a sustainable environment, without any compromise on top braking performances.

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