Mid-Range Radar Launched by ZF in China

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Source: ZF announcement

SHANGHAI — ZF has launched its next generation mid-range radar to support advanced ADAS safety functions and enhance the available ZF coASSIST semi-automated system on the Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan MAX in China.

ZF’s mid-range radar is a high-performance 77GHz front radar designed to meet 2022+ Euro NCAP 5-Star Safety Ratings and enable semi-automated driving functions. It is scalable to vehicle manufacturer needs and offers three operation modes designed to deliver enhanced sensing performance depending on the speed of the vehicle.

Each mode provides the proper combination of range and resolution tuned for the driving situation: from highest resolution in the short range at low speeds to support features like pedestrian automatic emergency braking (AEB) to long range object detection at high speeds to enhance driving functions like adaptive cruise control (ACC).

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“Mid-range radar is an important part of the ZF radar portfolio due to its performance and flexibility characteristics at competitive cost,” said Christophe Marnat, executive vice president, ZF Electronics and Advanced Driver Assist Systems Division. “It is a critical component of the fusion systems in the ZF portfolio that, together with other environmental sensors such as camera and LiDAR, enables driving functions like Traffic Jam and Highway Driving Assist and automated parking functions such as Automated Valet Parking.”

ZF offers a range of automotive grade radar systems to global automakers including the Mid-Range Radar and Full Range Radar solutions that add a fourth elevation measurement angle that helps generate an enhanced 3D image of the traffic situation, enriched with speed information, resulting in high-resolution environment sensing. ZF also provides Short Range Radar to offer enhanced 360-degree environmental sensing at the sides and rear of the vehicle.

ZF’s radar portfolio is an outstanding complement to its advanced camera systems where ZF is the world leader in forward-facing object recognition camera production. The enhanced coASSIST system on the Aeolus Yixuan MAX features ZF’s S-Cam 4.8 camera – one of the very first monocular cameras with a 100-degree field of view particularly valuable in early detection of pedestrians and cyclists in crowded urban environments. The combination of Mid-Range radar and advanced camera technologies help provide the accurate fusion of sensor data for augmenting advanced safety and semi-automated functions.

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“The launch of mid-range radar with our valued customer Dongfeng is another example of ZF’s continued efforts in shaping the Next Generation of Mobility,” said Dr Holger Klein, Member of the Board of Management. “ZF is proud to support its customers in the pursuit of zero emissions and zero accidents and the newly launched MRR is a further enhancement to the Dongfeng semi-automated driving system introduced in late 2020.”

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