MANN + HUMMEL Successfully Tests Brake Dust Particle Filters

Ludwigsburg, Frankfurt, Hanover, September 7, 2018 – The newly developed brake dust particle filter from MANN + HUMMEL significantly reduces brake dust emissions from vehicles, so that fewer brake dust particles escape into the environment. The filter can be adapted to existing installation spaces in the area of the disc brake. All types of engines – from the electric vehicle to the hybrid vehicle to the classic petrol and diesel vehicle – can use the brake dust particle filter.

Following successful field tests in the past few months as part of its “Fine Dust Eater” project, MANN + HUMMEL will present the brake dust particulate filter that can be used on cars and commercial vehicles in September at both the Automechanika and the IAA Commercial Vehicles.

After MANN + HUMMEL introduced the technology for the first time in 2017 at an early stage in the development process, successful tests confirmed its effectiveness. As part of the passed Grossglockner test in a wind tunnel, downhill descent was simulated and temperature resistance proved. Even snow and water have not affected the filter. The goal of catching 80 percent of the brake dust particles was achieved according to previous tests. MANN + HUMMEL also assumes a service interval that corresponds to that of a brake lining change. The developers are also very optimistic to achieve a product weight of less than 500 grams.

Due to its robust housing in the immediate vicinity of the caliper, the filter prevents discharge of brake dust to the environment directly at the source, especially in city traffic with many braking processes. The filter medium is a temperature- and corrosion-resistant material that efficiently filters the different particle sizes. Due to the brake dust trapped directly at the source, the heavy soiling of the alloy wheels and the tedious removal of the brake dust can also be considerably reduced. For many drivers this is invaluable. For cars, the brake dust particle filter can also be used as a colored styling element.

The new technology has met with great interest. MANN + HUMMEL has already carried out successful tests with well-known car manufacturers. Several months of testing, according to the standard requirements of vehicle manufacturers, with a well-known brake manufacturer has recently started.

The braking process in city traffic causes many times more dust than exhaust gases. Due to the wear of the brake disc and brake pad, brake dust is produced every time a brake is applied. This consists to a large extent of particulate matter and is due to its small particle size harmful to health and polluting the environment. The brake dust contributes significantly to the fine dust pollution caused by road traffic. More than 90 percent of the brake dust is the finest particles that have a negative impact on people’s health.

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Approximately 47,000 people in Germany annually die from particulate matter, according to WHO estimates. MANN + HUMMEL carries out a research project on the reduction of particulate matter pollution in agglomerations under the title “Fine dust eater”. In August 2017, a field test with a test vehicle in the Stuttgart region began, in which various filter technologies are tested. One of them is the brake dust particle filter. Meanwhile, the project has been extended to other vehicles and other countries (India, China).

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