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Otto Zimmermann GmbH, a leader in the production of automotive components, remains dedicated to delivering high-quality spare parts to the automotive aftermarket. Known for their meticulous attention to customer needs, Zimmermann proactively engages with independent garages to refine their products based on real-world feedback and needs.

Quality and Reliability for Independent Garages

For independent garages, the balance between cost and quality is paramount, especially for safety-critical components like brakes. Otto Zimmermann stands out by providing aftermarket brake discs that match the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality. Their offerings, including the Steelhub Compound Brake Discs, are developed in close collaboration with garage owners to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Otto Zimmermann maintains a direct dialogue with independent garage operators.
  • The company offers OEM-quality brake discs like the Steelhub Compound Brake Discs.
  • Zimmermann’s products are designed following rigorous safety and performance standards.

Innovative Design and Engineering

A standout product discussed in recent engagements is the Formula:S brake disc, which features a steel hub and a gray cast iron friction ring. This design is comparable to those used by leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz. Simon Stapf, a mechatronics engineer specializing in Mercedes Benz vehicles, praised the Formula:S discs, saying, “The Formula:S brake disc from Otto Zimmermann is in no way inferior to the original Mercedes Benz brake disc in terms of quality.” The disc’s specially designed ventilation channels ensure optimized cooling, crucial for maintaining performance and longevity.

Ensuring Safe and Effective Installation

Zimmermann also focuses on the proper installation of brake components. They recommend careful handling during disassembly to prevent damage like wheel hub deformation, which can cause vibrations and uneven wear. Additionally, Zimmermann provides special tools, such as a spacer ring, to facilitate precise installation, thus preventing common issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.

About Otto Zimmermann GmbH

With over 60 years of experience, Otto Zimmermann GmbH has developed a wide range of automotive parts, distributed globally through wholesalers and specialist dealers. As a recognized “Premium Data Supplier” in the TecDoc catalog, Zimmermann continues to serve both the motorsport market and everyday drivers with over 4,000 unique brake components.

For more details, visit Otto Zimmermann’s website.

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