Link: New SAE J3213 Brake Test Kit Launched

SAE International, a globally recognized authority in automotive engineering standards, recently introduced the SAE J3213 Brake Dynamometer Squeal Noise Test Procedure. This innovative procedure is specifically designed for commercial vehicles equipped with air brakes. It represents a significant advancement in the assessment of Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) for braking systems. In response to this development, LINK, a leading equipment provider, has unveiled a comprehensive upgrade kit for its existing Model 6900 performance brake dynamometers.

Why It Matters

The SAE J3213 procedure marks a critical step forward in brake evaluation technology. It focuses on addressing the common yet complex issue of brake squeal in commercial vehicles, which is a significant aspect of overall vehicle quality and performance. This new standard not only enhances safety but also contributes to better user experience by reducing noise pollution. The availability of an upgrade kit from LINK means that facilities currently using the Model 6900 dynamometers can easily adapt to this new standard without the need for complete equipment replacement, offering a cost-effective solution.

Key Points

  • Equipment Upgrade Features:
    • An extension cap or a new chamber to accommodate the required microphone placement as per SAE J3213.
    • Acoustically insulated panels within the enclosure to maintain noise levels below 70 dB(A).
    • Integration of an NVH data acquisition system with the existing ProLINK control system.
    • Optional addition of accelerometers in alignment with section 7.3.9 of SAE J3213.
  • Key Features of the Upgrade Kit:
    • Incorporation of the latest software and NVH control technologies.
    • Insulation capable of withstanding temperatures up to 540ºC (1,000ºF).
    • Simplified installation process, making it a convenient retrofit option.
    • Expansion of NVH channels, supporting up to 18 channels.
    • Broad frequency range coverage from 1 Hz to 20 kHz.

Bottom Line

The release of the SAE J3213 upgrade kit by LINK is a game-changer in the field of commercial vehicle brake testing. It not only aligns with the latest industry standards but also offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for existing users of the Model 6900 dynamometer. This development underscores the industry’s commitment to enhancing vehicle safety and performance through technological innovation, setting a new benchmark in NVH brake evaluation.


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