Küçük Leaves Mercedes-Benz for CTO/SVP Post at Terranet

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Source: Terranet announcement

LUND, Sweden – Terranet AB (Nasdaq: TERRNT-B.ST) announced the addition of Nihat Küçük, Mercedes-Benz Head of Navigation & Maps, will become the chief technology officer (CTO) and Senior Vice President Product Management for the fast-growing VoxelFlow team in Lund and in Stuttgart, Germany.

Throughout his career, Küçük has worked at the forefront of the automotive space as it transitions into a software-driven industry, running two mobility startups and leading innovation efforts at Mercedes-Benz.

Most recently as head of the unit that amongst other technologies, develops new sensor functionality for the navigation systems within the group. During his time at Mercedes-Benz, Mr. Küçük spearheaded collaborative efforts between VoxelFlow™’s sensor technology and Mercedes-Benz’s future mapping technology, the collaborative project was successfully showcased at Startup Autobahn earlier this year.

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In recent weeks, Terranet has begun in-vehicle field tests with VoxelFlow and in the coming year, the patented technology will be packaged for commercialization. Thus, the hire is an important strategic move for Terranet, which mobilizes heavy competence and capacity to rise in the value chain and drive both product and market launches.

“The fact that Terranet successfully secured a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz at such an early stage has been extremely important in guiding the development of VoxelFlow in both a customer- and product centered direction,” said Terranet CEO Pär-Olof Johannesson. “We have been working with Nihat and his team for almost two years.

“Through this recruitment, which can almost be compared to a strategic deal, the company gains access to Nihat’s entire capacity and network. We are not only provided with a unique product expertise but an exceptional insight from one of the most well-known innovation managers in the global automotive industry, in both software and sensor development.

“We look forward to continuing to build on the core technology under Nihat’s leadership. His many years of experience in building teams, identifying and hand-picking winners, experience and knowledge of the automotive industry is a game-changer for Terranet”

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In the role of CTO and SVP Product Management, Nihat Küçük will secure VoxelFlow technology in the next steps towards commercialization and product launch, in close dialogue with the Terranet partner holoride in Munich. Furthermore, he will continue to establish the development team in Lund and in Stuttgart. The company further consolidates its presence in Germany and Stuttgart.

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