Kenworth T680’s ADAS Upgrade

Kenworth Truck Company has introduced a series of advanced braking enhancements in its latest Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for the Kenworth T680 model, focusing on improved safety through braking technology innovations.

Why It Matters

Commercial truck safety is paramount, and braking systems are at the heart of preventative measures on the road. Kenworth’s integration of advanced braking features within its ADAS not only advances road safety for truck operators but also sets new standards for the entire commercial trucking sector.

Key Points

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Enhanced Braking: The new system not only maintains a safe following distance but now includes a stop-and-go feature that brings the T680 to a full stop when necessary, holding it in place before resuming speed autonomously.
  • Highway Departure Braking: A pivotal update is the ‘Braking to Zero’ function. If the T680 unintentionally departs from the highway, the system initiates an audible warning followed by strategic braking, potentially reducing speed to zero to prevent accidents.
  • Collision Mitigation Technology: This existing technology now works more cohesively with the improved ACC to alert drivers to potential collisions, prompting them to take preemptive braking actions.
  • Robust Braking Suite: The system complements traditional braking with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), enhancing reaction times and effectiveness in emergency situations.
  • Ongoing Driver Responsibility: Despite the technological advancements, Kenworth emphasizes that these systems are designed to support, not substitute, the alertness and expertise of drivers.

In-Depth on Braking

Kenworth’s new ADAS features represent a significant advancement in it’s braking technology. With precision sensors and advanced algorithms, the T680’s systems can discern the flow of traffic and anticipate the need for braking more effectively than ever before. These improvements mean smoother transitions in stop-and-go traffic, enhanced safety during highway cruising, and critical interventions in potential departure scenarios.

Moreover, the integration of these systems speaks to the balance between automation and human control. Kenworth’s focus on braking as part of its ADAS rollout aligns with industry research indicating that improved braking systems can significantly reduce the incidence of highway accidents involving heavy-duty trucks.

Bottom Line

Kenworth is pioneering a safer future for commercial trucking with its emphasis on advanced braking systems in the new ADAS-equipped T680s. The company’s centennial marks not only a celebration of past achievements but also a commitment to driving safety innovations forward. As Kenworth propels into its next century, it continues to underscore the indispensable role of the driver in conjunction with these advanced safety systems.


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