Juratek’s New Braking Products Launch

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Juratek has expanded its product lineup, introducing thirteen innovative additions to its range. This expansion includes six new caliper references, two brake pads, and five hoses, aimed at servicing a broader spectrum of the vehicle population and responding to the rising market demand. The company leverages the expertise of its product engineers to elevate its offerings to the pinnacle of industry standards, notably its brake pads which boast full ECE Regulation 90 certification, making them a fit for any European vehicle.

Key Highlights:

  • Expanded Range: Six calipers, two brake pads, five hoses.
  • Certified Excellence: Brake pads certified to ECE Regulation 90.
  • Vehicle Coverage: Enhanced support for models like Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Toyota Auris, BMW X series, and more.
  • Rigorous Testing: High and low-pressure tests ensure reliability.
  • Easy Access: Parts available through Juratek’s Webshop for effortless identification.

Juratek’s commitment to quality is evident in the rigorous testing each caliper undergoes, including both high and low-pressure tests to guarantee their reliability. The new calipers cover a wide array of vehicles, including Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Chrysler Delta, and the BMW X series, to name a few. Furthermore, the introduction of brake pad references JCP4108 and JCP8261 caters to the latest models of Mercedes C-Class and BMW i3, respectively, aligning with the advancement of vehicle technologies.

A standout in the hose category is the JBH1494, designed specifically for the Nissan Qashqai II and Renault Kadjar, underlining Juratek’s dedication to meeting the needs of contemporary vehicles.

For customers seeking specific parts, Juratek’s Webshop offers a user-friendly platform for searching by part number, vehicle application, or dimensions, streamlining the process of identifying the necessary brake components.

For additional information on the Juratek braking range, interested parties are encouraged to contact the sales team directly, visit the official website, or explore the online catalogue for a comprehensive view of Juratek’s offerings.

This launch not only underscores Juratek’s role as a leader in the automotive aftermarket but also its responsive approach to the evolving demands of the industry and its consumers.

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