Juratek’s 2024 Auto Parts Expansion

Juratek, a renowned automotive parts manufacturer, embarks on 2024 with an impressive expansion of its product line. The company proudly announces the addition of 25 new components, enhancing both vehicle performance and safety. This expansion includes a diverse range of parts, such as a Wheel Cylinder, 20 Calipers, and four Brake Pads, all designed to meet the evolving needs of modern vehicles.

The newly introduced Wheel Cylinder, designated as JCY1210, is specifically crafted for several NISSAN models. These include the Bluebird (from 2012 onwards), Juke (2010-2019), Sentra (2006 onwards), and Tiida (from 2012). This addition underscores Juratek’s commitment to providing compatible parts for a wide range of vehicles.

Juratek's 2024 Auto Parts Expansion

In the realm of calipers, Juratek unveils notable part numbers such as JCA1639L and JCA1639R, tailored for the FIAT 500 (2007 onwards), Punto (1993-2012), and FORD Ka (2008-2016). Furthermore, calipers JCA1134L and JCA1134R are introduced, suitable for various models including the AUDI A3 (from 2012), Q2 (from 2018), TT (from 2014), SEAT Leon (2013-2020), SKODA Superb (from 2015), VOLKSWAGEN Atlas (from 2016), and Golf (2009-2020).

The expansion also features JCA1380L and JCA1380R for CITROËN DS5 (2011-2015), DS DS5 (2015-2018), PEUGEOT 508 SW (2010-2018), and 3008 (2011-2016). Additionally, calipers JCA1693L and JCA1693R cater to the BMW 2 Series (2014-2021) and various MINI models, including Clubman F54 (from 2015) and Convertible F57 (from 2014).

Juratek’s brake pad range now includes JCP4077, compatible with the HYUNDAI Tucson (from 2020) and KIA EV6 (from 2021), and JCP4087, fitting CITROËN Berlingo (from 2018), DS 4 (from 2021), OPEL Astra (from 2021), PEUGEOT 308 (from 2021), and VAUXHALL Combo (from 2018). Additionally, JCP8612 and JCP8311 are designed for MERCEDES-BENZ CL5 (2011-2017), E-Class (2009-2016), and the MAZDA 3 (from 2018), respectively.

This extensive range of new products reflects Juratek’s unwavering dedication to quality and diversity in automotive parts. Customers seeking detailed information, including part numbers and specific applications, are encouraged to visit Juratek’s website at https://www.juratek.com/catalogue.


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