Juratek Wins Award at IAAF Annual Awards in the UK

Juratek, a Frasle Mobility brand, was recognized as a highly recommended “LV Supplier of the Year” at the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) Annual Awards in the UK this month.

This is the first time Juratek has been recognized by the British automotive industry in this fashion, marking a significant achievement for the brand.

The list of awarded companies includes members and partners of the IAAF, such as workshops, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers from all areas of the industry in the UK.

The performance of brands and companies in customer service, product availability and quality, as well as the technical support offered, is evaluated.

At the awards ceremony, the company was represented by its Managing, Sales and Marketing, and Operations Directors – Matt Robinson, Toby Whewell, and Mark Clegg, respectively – along with sales team managers.

In addition to the award, Frasle Mobility was also among the sponsors of the IAAF Annual Awards through Juratek and Fras-le, symbolizing the brand’s entry into the UK market of products in the heavy-duty vehicle line.

About Frasle Mobility

Frasle Mobility is a Brazilian multinational company that specializes in sustainable mobility solutions. It has a notably strong presence in the auto parts aftermarket and in the supply of OEM components, combining high-quality products and well-known brands in its portfolio.

It has business units in Brazil, the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, including 11 manufacturing plants, 9 distribution centers, 4 commercial offices, 2 technology and development centers and an expert customer service team serving more than 125 countries on 5 continents, and supplying more than 14,000 auto parts items.

Since 1996, Frasle Mobility has been part of Randoncorp, jointly maintaining reference companies in innovation, such as the Centro Tecnológico Randon (CTR) and NIONE, a global pioneer in nanoparticle technologies. It also works in social transformation with initiatives carried out by the Instituto Elisabetha Randon and in encouraging scientific research through support for the Instituto Hercílio Randon.

Frasle Mobility. Keep life in motion.


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