Jaguar E-Pace Recall for Brake Warning Issue

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Jaguar Land Rover North America has issued a recall for certain 2021-2024 E-Pace vehicles due to a malfunctioning brake pad wear warning light. This essential feature, designed to alert drivers to worn brake pads, may fail to activate, potentially diminishing braking capability and heightening the risk of accidents. This issue signifies a non-compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 135, which outlines the regulatory requirements for “Light Vehicle Brake Systems.”

Key Highlights:

  • Recall affects 2,842 units: Specifically, this recall targets a considerable number of vehicles, underlining the scale of the issue.
  • Software update as a remedy: To address this fault, Jaguar dealers will update the car configuration file software at no cost to owners.
  • Safety at the forefront: The absence of a warning for worn brake pads could lead to decreased braking effectiveness, raising crash risks significantly.

Jaguar’s commitment to safety and compliance has prompted the recall of a significant number of its E-Pace vehicles, spanning the 2021 to 2024 model years. This action stems from an incorrect setting within the Car Configuration File, which prevents the brake pad wear indicator from notifying the driver when the brake pads are sufficiently worn.

Owners of the affected vehicles can expect to receive notification letters by May 10, 2024, detailing the steps for the software update. Jaguar’s proactive approach, offering a free remedy through its dealer network, underscores the importance of maintaining stringent safety standards and regulatory compliance. This initiative also provides a direct line for owner inquiries, with Jaguar customer service available at 1-800-452-4827, and the recall campaign identified under number H481.

In addition to direct communication with Jaguar, vehicle owners may seek further information or report concerns to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline.

Jaguar Land Rover’s swift action to recall and remedy the brake pad wear indicator issue in select E-Pace models demonstrates a robust commitment to safety and regulatory adherence. Owners of the implicated models are urged to respond promptly to the recall notice to ensure their vehicles remain safe and compliant.

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