Hyundai Faces ABS System Lawsuit

McCune Law Group (MLG) has filed a class action lawsuit against Hyundai Motor Co. and Hyundai Motor America. The lawsuit revolves around alleged defects in the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) assembly in various Hyundai vehicle models. The claim suggests that the ABS Assembly is prone to electrical shorts, which could potentially lead to vehicle fires, unintended brake application, or a loss of braking power.

Why It Matters

The lawsuit highlights significant concerns regarding the safety and reliability of several Hyundai models. This legal action brings attention to the importance of automotive safety standards and the responsibility of manufacturers to address potential hazards. Hyundai’s response to this situation, including the effectiveness of its recall and repair strategies, is under scrutiny.

Key Points

  • MLG’s lawsuit focuses on alleged defects in Hyundai’s ABS system.
  • The alleged defects could lead to serious safety issues, including electrical shorts and braking problems.
  • Hyundai has issued a recall for the ABS defect, though its effectiveness is being questioned.
  • The lawsuit covers a range of Hyundai models produced between 2010 and 2015.

Bottom Line

The class action lawsuit against Hyundai is a crucial development for both Hyundai vehicle owners and the broader automotive industry. It underscores the ongoing challenges in ensuring vehicle safety and the need for manufacturers to effectively address potential defects. The outcome of this lawsuit could have implications for Hyundai’s repair strategies and its responsibility towards consumers. Vehicle owners of the affected models are being encouraged to consider participating in the lawsuit.


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