Lawsuit Alleges Nissan AEB Problem

A Nissan automatic emergency braking lawsuit alleges the front distance radar sensors can cause the systems to engage even though no obstacles exist. This causes the Nissan vehicles to suddenly slow down or come to complete stops in the middle of normal traffic.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges the automatic emergency braking system can deactivate and show a warning on the dashboard that says, “Front radar unavailable due to obstruction.”

According to the plaintiff who filed the proposed class-action, the very electronic feature that is supposed to help protect a driver becomes a safety hazard with a mind of its own.

The owner’s manuals for many of the vehicles admit the automatic emergency braking systems do “not function in all driving, traffic, weather and road conditions.” But the plaintiff says the manual leaves out the part about how the systems can cause vehicles to suddenly stop even when no objects are in the driving lane.

The Nissan lawsuit alleges the automaker knows about the radar sensor problems because a series of technical service bulletins (TSBs) have been sent to dealerships since 2016.


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