Geotab Enhances Fleet Safety Visibility

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Geotab has introduced its next-generation fleet safety tools, emphasizing data intelligence, predictive collision insights, and artificial intelligence (AI). This move comes in response to the alarming statistics from 2021, where the United States witnessed over half a million commercial vehicle collisions, with upwards of 100,000 causing injuries. The repercussions of such collisions extend beyond physical harm, encompassing substantial reputational, property, productivity, and legal costs. To mitigate these risks, Geotab, a leader in connected transportation solutions, is focusing on preemptive strategies to curb unsafe driving practices through its Geotab Safety Center.

Geotab Safety Center: A Hub of Excellence

The Geotab Safety Center is an AI-powered hub integrated within the MyGeotab platform, designed to enhance safety management capabilities for fleet and safety managers. It allows for the identification and management of fleet performance risks, enabling focused efforts on coaching and operational decisions based on robust data, including predictive collision analytics and benchmarking against peer fleets. This initiative builds upon Geotab’s existing safety tools, such as risk event reports, safety scorecards, video telematics, and more, aiming to elevate safety protocols through comprehensive data analysis and AI.

“We understand the gravity of safety concerns in the transportation industry and are proactively taking steps ahead utilizing the power of quality data and AI. With Geotab Safety Center, we’re not just providing visibility into risks, we’re helping companies to predict and prevent them,” emphasized Sabina Martin, Vice President Product Management at Geotab. The company’s commitment to transforming safety measures through data-driven insights promises to foster safer roads for all.

Future Innovations and Enhanced Collision Detection

Looking ahead to Connect 2024, Geotab is set to unveil its Enhanced Collision Detection feature, a part of its 2024 safety toolkit. This development aims to improve the detection of both major and minor collisions, thereby enhancing the precision and accuracy of collision detection efforts.

“In a data-driven world, immediacy and precision of insights are paramount. Our new centers of excellence, including Geotab Safety Center, represent the next evolution in our commitment to providing actionable intelligence easily and efficiently,” Martin added, highlighting the strategic importance of these innovations.

About Geotab

Geotab is a foremost authority in connected transportation solutions, serving over 50,000 customers across 160 countries. With a legacy of over 20 years, the company’s commitment to data research and innovation supports its mission to empower customers with the insights needed to enhance productivity, safety, and sustainability goals. Processing more than 75 billion data points daily, Geotab’s open platform and extensive marketplace facilitate a comprehensive ecosystem for fleet management and operational optimization, backed by a dedicated team of data scientists and AI specialists.

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