Galfer Unveils “Disc Shark®” for Off-Road Bikes

Barcelona – In a move that heralds a significant leap in off-road biking technology, Spanish brand Galfer has introduced its cutting-edge “Disc Shark®” rear brake disc to the enduro and motocross sectors, following its acclaimed success in the cycle industry.

The groundbreaking design of the “Disc Shark®”, coupled with advanced technological inputs, stems from a productive partnership with top-tier Galfer riders on the global off-road competition circuit. This collaboration has culminated in the “Disc Shark®” discs, designed to address the previously unchallenged issues of rear brake overheating, particularly evident in enduro racing scenarios. The disc showcases exemplary thermal performance, which not only augments brake pad longevity but also curtails brake fluid boiling, thereby providing enhanced pedal control.

A salient feature of the “Disc Shark®” is its optimized heat dispersion. This is achieved by enhancing the contact area through an array of small holes, fins, and increased disc thickness. This innovation results in a notable drop in temperature during operation, ensuring that the hydraulic fluid remains stable—a factor that plays a pivotal role in extending brake pad life.

Key benefits of the “Disc Shark®” include:

  • Reduced Operating Temperature: There’s a 30% temperature decrease compared to other high-end discs. The Disc Shark® is crafted as a single unit, providing heightened strength.
  • Enhanced Thickness for Thermal Capacity: The disc’s thickness, going up to 5 mm, surpasses many high-end market counterparts, amplifying thermal capacity and strength.
  • Stable Performance: The Disc Shark® guarantees consistent behavior even under adverse temperature conditions.
  • Extended Brake Pad Life: Normal conditions see an uplift in brake pad lifespan by 25-40%. The disc’s durability also witnesses an uptick.

Enduro world champion, Steve Holcombe, played an instrumental role in the disc’s development. Its inaugural season has seen it amass three world titles, as British Beta Factory Team riders, Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman, clinched the EnduroGP, E2, and E3 titles in 2023. Furthermore, during this year, Honda’s Jordi Tixier employed the Disc Shark® at the Fast Cross event, while various teams in global championships conducted rigorous testing.

Set for its grand unveiling at EICMA 2023 International Motorcycle Exhibition, the “Disc Shark®” is priced at €125 + VAT. It’s compatible with prominent Enduro and Motocross motorcycle brands, including KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, Beta, and Sherco, with expansion plans underway to cater to other brands in the near future.


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