Frasle Mobility Joins UK Truck Racing

Frasle Mobility, renowned for its high-performance automotive components, has announced a strategic move into the British Truck Racing Championship. In a significant partnership, the company, operating under the Fras-le brand, has teamed up with MEI Brakes to sponsor driver Steven Powell for the 2023 season. This collaboration marks Frasle Mobility’s expansion into the UK racing scene, building upon its success in Brazil and Latin America.

Why It Matters

The British Truck Racing Championship stands as one of the UK’s most prestigious vehicle competitions. Frasle’s entry into this arena signifies not only a broadening of its market presence but also a testament to the quality and resilience of its products. The company’s experience in high-demand racing environments, like the Copa Truck in Brazil, positions it uniquely to meet the challenges of UK racetracks.

Key Points

  • Frasle Mobility, through the Fras-le brand, becomes the official brake pad supplier for Steven Powell’s Motorsport in the British Truck Racing Championship.
  • The company’s partnership with MEI Brakes, a provider of calipers since 2018, enhances their joint offering in the racing sector.
  • Frasle’s brake pads, designed for heavy-duty racing trucks, are engineered for high-speed, customized braking to meet Powell’s Motorsport’s specific needs.
  • Andr√© Incerti, Frasle’s Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, emphasizes the partnership as a “living laboratory” for technological innovation, enhancing both racing performance and product development for consumer applications.
  • Steven Powell expresses enthusiasm for the continued partnership with Frasle and MEI in 2024.
  • Frasle’s expansion into the UK market includes the establishment of a technical and commercial team in Doncaster, England, with plans to start selling Fras-le products by early 2024.

Bottom Line

Frasle Mobility’s foray into the British Truck Racing Championship with driver Steven Powell and partner MEI Brakes represents a strategic expansion and showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in high-performance automotive components. This partnership not only reinforces Frasle’s global presence but also serves as a pivotal step in introducing its advanced braking solutions to the UK market, setting the stage for further growth and technological advancement in the automotive sector.


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