Frasle Mobility Announces a Rebranded Fras-le

CAXIAS DO SUL, Brazil – Keeping life in motion through an ecosystem of smart and sustainable solutions. With this mission, the Brazilian multinational Fras-le presents to the market a new corporative brand. The company is renamed Frasle Mobility, reinforcing its business strategy as a global company focused on safety and innovation in its products and services, through complete solutions for customers and partners. This new moment was presented to employees April 5.

“In almost 70 years of history, Fras-le has built a solid reputation, which is recognized by the whole market. Today, we move beyond friction materials, adding operations in other countries and diversifying markets, increasing the product mix. However, more than anything, we added teams and diverse expertise that brought us to the search for a brand that would translate this path of evolution,” emphasized Frasle Mobility Superintendent Director Anderson Pontalti.

The company develops, produces and sells auto parts and services for various applications, with a complete portfolio. Currently, more than half of revenues are supported by a recent mix of brake components, such as brake, transmission, steering and suspension systems, which add to the traditional profile of products that have made the company a global reference in friction materials.

The development of the new identity positions Frasle Mobility as a house of brands, associated with the intense expansion cycles experienced in the last 10 years, projecting a future of new possibilities for evolution and growth. Always with the use of advanced technology and focused in sustainability.

“We are a company made up of more than 5,000 people, which builds effective results, such as achieving net revenue in 2022 almost four times greater than in 2016. In order to continue growing, we are now also seeking to be recognized for the breadth of our business, further reinforcing the social and sustainable importance of our solutions,” added Pontalti.

Connected with the future and the trends in mobility and sustainability, Frasle Mobility has, in its essence as a company, the development of disruptive solutions that respect the environment.

It is a pioneer in the market with technologies that eliminate copper from the formulation of braking products and is increasingly committed to the auto parts market in offering solutions in nanoparticles, such as coatings that reduce corrosion, and in the creation of components in composite materials, intelligent alloys with different chemical and physical properties that are lighter, which help to reduce weight and fuel consumption in vehicles.

Leader in the aftermarket and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of friction material, being one of the main suppliers of original parts for automakers, Frasle Mobility offers consumers more than 14,000 product items for motion control, such as brakes, friction materials, suspension, steering and transmission for applications in light and heavy vehicles, motorcycles and solutions for railway cars and aircraft.

The company is getting closer and closer to customers through Auto Experts, a platform of added services to the aftermarket, which facilitates the routine of mechanics and drivers, with tools that allow access to the complete mix in a few clicks.

Frasle Mobility, which has a base of 8,500 shareholders, has been controlled by Empresas Randon since 1996, jointly keeping reference units in innovation, such as the Randon Technological Center (CTR – Centro Tecnológico Randon) and NIONE, a global pioneer in technologies using nanoparticles.

It also works on social transformation in the communities where it is present, such as Caxias do Sul (RS) and Joinville (SC), with initiatives carried out by the Elisabetha Randon Institute (Instituto Elisabetha Randon) and in encouraging scientific research through support to the Hercílio Randon Institute (Instituto Hercílio Randon).

It currently has 11 industrial units in Brazil, the U.S., China, Argentina, Uruguay and India, nine distribution centers in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, China, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, four commercial offices in Germany, Chile, Mexico and the U.S., and technology and development centers to serve Frasle Mobility’s thousands of customers in more than 125 countries on five continents.

“With this new identity, we project an even more promising future for the Company. We revere our history and the journey we have taken so far, directing the coming years with even more growth, evolution and total focus on our customers, investing in disruptive technologies, process automation, being closer to all our target groups and partners and in global business expansion,” highlighted the President and CEO of Frasle Mobility Sérgio L. Carvalho.

Frasle Mobility in numbers and scope:

– Altogether, the Company’s brands offer more than 14,000 product items for motion control.

– Works with iconic global brands such as Fras-le, Controil, Fremax and Nakata. Boosts the confidence of partners, with regional brands such as Lonaflex, Jurid and Ferodo in Brazil; Armetal, Plasbestos, Durbloc, Power Engine and Tensa in Mercosur; and Juratek, BestBrake and ABTex in Europe.

– It currently has 5,000+ employees.

– It has a base of 8,500+ shareholders.

– It operates, in addition to Brazil, in countries such as the United States, China, India, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Mexico; it is present with its products in 125 countries on five continents.

– The Company’s consolidated net revenue closed 2022 at BRL 3.1 billion, up 18 percent compared to 2021.

– Complete portfolio: brake linings and pads, brake discs, shock absorbers, items for suspension and steering systems, such as CV joints, tie rods and steering rods, in addition to clutch coatings, master cylinders, brake fluids, radiator additive, among others, for light and heavy vehicles, motorcycles and solutions for railway cars and aircraft.


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