FDP to Open New Auto Friction Plant in Mexico

TAPPAHANNOCK, Va.  – FDP Virginia Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components, announced it will open a new North American friction manufacturing plant near Mexico City in early 2024.

The plant will expand FDP’s global production capability for highly engineered brake pads and shoes for the automotive industry.

Final equipment installation will be completed by late 2023 with initial production planned for the first quarter of 2024.

“As a result of supply chain disruptions over the last few years many automotive companies are re-thinking their supply chain. FDP anticipated this five years ago and has been rewiring our supply chain for the future,” said John Carney, president of FDP.

The benefits of manufacturing in Mexico go beyond just a highly skilled workforce at a competitive labor cost. Trade agreements, established infrastructure, and proximity to the United States give manufacturers the ability to enhance service and speed to their North American customers while maintaining high quality standards.

“The sourcing strategies we are seeing at the OE level have changed from looking at ‘Just in Time’ to also looking at ‘Just in Case,’” added Carney. “The goal is to both shorten and simplify the supply chain by offering a single supplier with multiple manufacturing locations and raw material sources across the world.

“This is why FDP has planned for the future by establishing multiple points of manufacture in the US, China, India, South Africa, and soon to be Mexico.”


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