EU Brakes on Emissions: Euro 7 Tightens Grip on Air Quality

The European Union has stepped on the gas in its fight against air pollution, reaching a landmark deal on stricter emissions standards for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Called “Euro 7,” these regulations aim to keep Europe’s roads cleaner, not just for new models, but throughout their lifetime.

What’s new?

  • Exhaust emissions: Euro 7 maintains current Euro 6 testing conditions for cars and vans, but focuses on smaller, more harmful particles (PN10 instead of PN23). Buses and trucks face tougher lab and real-world NOx limits.
  • Brake and tire dust: For the first time, Euro 7 addresses non-exhaust emissions, setting brake particle limits for cars and vans (3mg/km for EVs, 7mg/km for most others).
  • Battery durability: Electric and hybrid vehicles must boast longer-lasting batteries, with minimum performance requirements for up to eight years or 160,000 km.
  • Transparency for consumers: An “Environmental Vehicle Passport” will provide clear information on each vehicle’s emissions, fuel consumption, and battery health. On-board systems will offer real-time data to drivers, while digitalization helps prevent tampering with emissions controls.

Balancing ambition with affordability

Euro 7 strikes a delicate balance between environmental goals and industry concerns. The aim is to ensure cleaner cars remain affordable, particularly for smaller engines, while preparing the automotive sector for the future.


“This deal balances environmental goals with the vital interests of manufacturers,” says Alexandr Vondra, Euro 7 rapporteur. “We’ve secured affordable new cars for domestic customers while enabling the industry to prepare for transformation.”

Next steps:

Formal approval by Parliament and Council is required before Euro 7 kicks in. The regulation will apply 30 months after entry for cars and vans, 48 months for larger vehicles.


Euro 7 builds on existing standards, introducing tougher exhaust limits and tackling previously ignored emissions sources like brakes and tires. It’s a crucial step towards cleaner air and a more sustainable future for European transportation.


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