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Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) has released a comprehensive set of technical materials aimed at supporting the installation, inspection, and diagnostics of components vital to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These materials focus on trailer antilock brakes, steering systems, and forward-looking cameras, ensuring that technicians have the necessary resources to maintain these complex and interconnected systems for optimal road safety.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Support for Technicians: Bendix provides detailed technical materials online and through free courses, aiding technicians in setting up and maintaining advanced safety technologies.
  • Focus on Trailer ABS and Steering Systems: Specialized guidance for the correct setup and diagnostics of trailer antilock braking systems and steering assist technology.
  • Installation and Calibration of Forward-Looking Cameras: Updated training on installing and calibrating Bendix™ AutoVue® FLC-20™ cameras for ADAS functionalities.
  • Expertise and Resources: Bendix’s extensive support network, including brake-school.com and B2Bendix.com, offers technicians access to a wealth of technical documentation and training materials.

“The safety systems on today’s commercial vehicles are more road-proven and effective in supporting safe drivers than ever,” stated Nicole Oreskovic, Bendix vice president of sales and marketing. “They’re also more complex and interconnected, which means we need to thoroughly support the skilled people who keep them in top operating condition. Our technical teams at Bendix are constantly collaborating with customers and communicating with fleets to address their specific maintenance concerns and develop the materials they need.”

Technical Materials and Training: Bendix’s technical materials include videos and documentation on the correct installation and diagnostics procedures for trailer ABS systems, forward-looking cameras, and steering systems. These resources are designed to ensure technicians can accurately maintain and troubleshoot the components essential for ADAS functionalities.

Supporting Road Safety through Expertise: Bendix emphasizes the importance of properly maintaining advanced safety systems to ensure their effectiveness on the road. The company’s commitment to providing detailed technical support and training materials underlines its role as a leader in developing and manufacturing ADAS and other safety technologies for commercial vehicles.

With a focus on safety and support, Bendix continues to offer invaluable resources to the technicians and fleets that depend on its advanced systems to keep drivers safe on the road.

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