Einride Creates Autonomous Freight Vehicle

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STOCKHOLM – Freight mobility leader Einride has launched the next generation of its groundbreaking Pod, with new functionality and pricing, making it commercially available on a global scale for the first time.

In 2019 Einride became the first in the world to drive a fully autonomous and electric heavy transport vehicle on a public road and has been testing and operating Pods at select customer sites in Sweden.

Now, businesses around the world can reserve the future of freight and start shipping sustainably and cost-competitively with Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) coordinated by the intelligent freight mobility platform.

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“We started this journey in 2016 with a dream to build a better future through technology. Years of hard work and dedication from the whole team at Einride have made us the leader in AET, and today we are taking the next step to bring our solutions to the world and ramp up the transition to a more sustainable future of transport,” said Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride.

There are companies venturing into the autonomous cargo delivery segment. However, according to  Falck, unlike other companies, Einride’s Pods are “customer and use-tailored.”

“What sets us apart is our full-scale approach to sustainable autonomous freight development that’s based on the needs of our customers, allowing us to tailor these solutions for real-world use. We believe the strongest business case is to remove the driver from the vehicle to operate it remotely, and operate only with electric drivetrains to improve sustainability and reduce costs.”

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The new Pod features a refined design, making it more aerodynamic and functional but also preparing it for wide-scale production and commercialization.

For the first time, the Pod is available for reservation for those looking to transition away from the analog, inefficient diesel transport solutions of today to a freight mobility solution that is safer, more sustainable, and more cost-effective.

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