DBA’s Gideon Segal Rolls Into Next Chapter

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) and Australian Clutch Services (ACS) announce Gideon Segal’s retirement from his role as Executive General Manager.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, Gideon Segal, has seamlessly woven a narrative of success throughout his 45-year career. From his humble beginnings at Repco Clutch to his former role as the Executive General Manager for DBA and ACS and in a project role for both businesses since the beginning of the year, Gideon’s journey is a testament to passion, hard work, and strategic vision.

Gideon embarked on his automotive odyssey in 1979, fresh out of school, as a sales and marketing cadet at Repco Clutch. His initiation into the industry was marked by a two-year program that saw him traverse through all facets of the business, a journey complemented by part-time studies in the evenings. His early commitment to understanding every nuance of the industry set the tone for a career marked by continuous learning and evolution.

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As Gideon’s career progressed, so did the breadth of his responsibilities. From a Technical Sales Representative overseeing Victoria to expanding his scope to South Australia and Tasmania.

Gideon’s journey took a significant turn in 1986 with the consolidation of Repco Clutch, PBR, and Super Seals. This consolidation created a platform for Gideon to venture into the international arena, first overseeing sales into Asia and later expanding his reach to Africa and Europe.

Gideon Segal DBA

The pivotal moment in Gideon’s career came in 1989 when he transitioned into product management, ultimately leading to his involvement in establishing PBR Malaysia. His tenure in Malaysia was marked by setting up the factory and sales network—a testament to Gideon’s ability to navigate diverse challenges on a global scale. Returning to Australia in 1993, he assumed the role of Export Sales Manager and Aftermarket Purchasing Manager at PBR.

In 2001, Gideon took a leap of faith, leaving PBR to become the Group Business Development Manager at Australian Truck & Auto Parts (ATAP). Under his leadership, the business witnessed remarkable growth, transforming from a brake and clutch-centric entity into the largest wholesaler in Australia, offering a comprehensive range of service products.

A life-changing opportunity presented itself in 2016 when Gideon moved to Singapore to become the General Manager and Director of Southeast Asia Pacific at Federal Mogul Motorparts. His strategic vision and adept team-building skills turned challenges into triumphs, leaving an indelible mark on the company’s success.

Gideon then returned to Melbourne in 2017 to be closer to his family. He would soon after set on the next phase of his career by joining GUD Holdings as Group Product Manager with Brown & Watson International. GUD’s sustained growth through acquisitions led to Gideon taking on significant responsibilities, including the integration and leadership of Sydney-based Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) following its acquisition in 2018.

Gideon played a pivotal role at DBA in positioning the company for future growth, through the expansion of its product range from brake rotors and brake pads, to include calipers, hydraulic cylinders, brake shoes, brake hoses, wear sensors and more.

“The DBA team acknowledges with gratitude Gideon’s exceptional efforts in integrating DBA into the GUD Group. His wealth of Industry insights has played a pivotal role in the transition from private to public ownership, and strategic expansion of DBA’s product offering”.  – Phillip Joseph, DBA General Manager

In 2021, Gideon further expanded his role by overseeing the acquisition and integration of Adelaide-based Australian Clutch Services (ACS) as the Executive General Manager for both DBA and ACS. 

“ACS appreciates the guidance, knowledge & experience Gideon offered during the transition from a privately owned business to a publicly listed business. Gideon provided valuable knowledge to management that assisted the team in day-to-day activities relating to business operations as part of a publicly listed company.”  – Simon Acton, ACS General Manager

While all his professional achievements are noteworthy, Gideon himself finds profound pride in the collaborative growth at ATAP and the transformative period at Federal Mogul, and most recently the success in the growth of DBA. His personal life, marked by meeting his wife in Malaysia and her enduring support throughout his career, adds a touching dimension to his journey.

As Gideon steps into his new project role on his journey toward retirement, his advice to the younger generation echoes the values that have guided him throughout his career – work hard, be prepared, and understand the process. Gideon still plays competitive Cricket, and with his newfound time, he envisions travel, golf, and motorcycle adventures on the horizon.


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