CoatZ Adds Quality Factor to Zimmermann Discs

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Source: Otto Zimmermann GmbH announcement

SINSHEIM, Germany – Otto Zimmerman GmbH emphasizes that its German-produced brake discs are similar to, or superior to, original-equipment (OE) parts as possible. Tests have proven, that corrosion-protective coating with the company’s CoatZ have exceeded the coating quality of the OE parts.

Zimmermann has been manufacturing brake discs for more than 60 years, placing a premium on incorporating its experience to quickly respond to changing market requirements.

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For more than 10 years, Zimmermann has been offering coated brake discs and was one of the first aftermarket suppliers which has responded to the demand for a visual enhancement of brake discs.

Of course, even when offering a coating of the discs a key factor is meeting the stringent safety requirements for brake-system parts. The heat-resistant aluminum lacquer of the CoatZ is sprayed into and onto the hub as well as on the friction surface by painting robots to provide the corrosion protection.

There are different coating-layer thicknesses, designed so the disc will maintain its original appearance after long-term use. Since the corrosion protection does not have to be removed for installation, the paint layer on the friction surfaces cannot be excessively thick.

Extensive tests in practice have yielded the optimal results, for which Zimmermann awards the CoatZ quality label. Comparisons with other coated discs have shown that Zimmermann discs maintain their original appearance longer.

CoatZ means limited environmental impact since there are no cleaners required for preserving the disc’s appearance and the aluminum lacquer is water-based.

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The coating of the discs for corrosion protection and a better appearance is valued as an important quality characteristic by Zimmermann customers worldwide.

The Otto Zimmermann GmbH

For more than six decades, Otto Zimmermann GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing sophisticated automotive components for car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. In addition to standard spare parts, the company also develops sports and premium brake discs for the requirements of motorsports and tuning. Today, the production program comprises far more than 4,500 different brake components, which are distributed via wholesalers and specialist dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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