LCV Brake Kits Offered by Zimmermann

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Source: Otto Zimmermann GmbH announcement

SINSHEIM, Germany — With its proven original equipment (OE)-compliant quality, Zimmermann offers customers an optimal solution for light commercial vehicles (LCV). All common vans are covered by the range of equivalent spare parts.

The rule here is, no compromise in comparison with the original spare part because high quality ensures fewer operational failures. Zimmermann also offers brake kits, which means only one ordering process for several individual brake parts.

High-quality spare parts cause fewer operational failures. Particularly in the LCV sector, this is decisive for customers in terms of competition. Brakes also have to withstand higher loads on LCVs in everyday use.

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Zimmermann has been using high-quality cast material and precise manufacturing techniques for decades to achieve the highest quality. All safety parts of a brake or brake kit from Zimmermann are therefore certified as spare parts of equal quality in the sense of the KFZ-GVO (EU) No. 330/2010.

But there are even more aspects to relying on high product quality. Availability is important for efficient fleet management. Here, Zimmermann ensures a high delivery service for all common vans with optimized stockholding.

Brake Kits for a higher service level

With its delivery program for equivalent spare parts, the Sinsheim-based brake manufacturer pursues the goal of covering as many models as possible. With matching brake kits, Zimmermann takes the service idea a step further.

In the LCV segment, complete sets are on offer for the Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter. In one ordering process, customers receive correctly assembled sets according to the OE parts list. These include two brake discs, pad sets, and, on a case-by-case basis, bolts, springs, and wear indicators.

CoatZ ensures a better appearance

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A majority of the discs are finished with corrosion protection for better appearance and therefore for better attention at the customer when the LCV arrives. The CoatZ anti-corrosion coating protects the brake disc from rust without affecting braking performance.

When braking, it is rubbed off the friction surface but continues to protect the disc from rust in the ventilation channel and on the hub. Thus, the disc looks well-groomed even after longer use. For customers who already attach great importance to aesthetics, for example through the use of aluminum rims, this refinement is a must.

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