BWI & thyssenkrupp Driving EMB Innovation

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BWI Group and thyssenkrupp Steering have entered into a strategic partnership to develop advanced X-by-Wire chassis technology, marking a significant stride in the automotive industry’s journey towards more sophisticated autonomous driving capabilities. Their collaboration focuses on the creation of Electro-Mechanical-Brake (EMB) systems, designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, and comfort of Level-3 and above autonomous vehicles. This initiative aims to lay the groundwork for future innovations in chassis technology, transitioning from assisted to fully autonomous driving.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic Partnership: BWI Group and thyssenkrupp Steering collaborate on EMB technology.
  • Innovative EMB Systems: Enhancing Level-3+ autonomous driving with cutting-edge brake technology.
  • Global Production Starts 2026: Anticipated launch of EMB systems worldwide.
  • Dynamic Testing Success: Positive feedback from automakers on third-generation EMB prototypes.
  • Commitment to Safety and Efficiency: Dual-motor EMB design ensures reliability and energy recovery.

The EMB systems, expected to commence global production and sales by 2026, represent a pivotal advancement in vehicle motion control (VMC) solutions. This cooperation combines BWI’s century-long legacy in braking and chassis technology with thyssenkrupp Steering’s expertise in steering solutions and software development. Together, they aim to redefine standards for vehicle safety, performance, and sustainability.

BWI & thyssenkrupp Driving EMB Innovation

George Chang of BWI Group and Patrick Vith of thyssenkrupp Steering underscored their companies’ dedication to setting new benchmarks in chassis systems during a signing ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. This collaboration will leverage their extensive experience in safety-critical systems, steering technology, and E/E architectures to accelerate the development of EMB systems.

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The EMB technology is a testament to the partners’ commitment to innovation, offering a dual-motor design that ensures safety and efficient energy recovery. This system eliminates the need for brake fluid and provides precise control, positioning it as a future cornerstone of brake-by-wire technology.

With production lines set to be established by 2025 and product delivery slated for 2026, this partnership is poised to meet the growing demand for advanced automotive technologies worldwide. The collaboration promises to deliver EMB systems that cater to the global market, ensuring high standards and meeting diverse local requirements.

The move towards EMB technology signifies a shift in the automotive industry, with major manufacturers showing keen interest in adopting these advancements. This collaboration between BWI Group and thyssenkrupp Steering is set to make significant contributions to the future of automotive chassis systems, signaling strong market growth and innovation in the years to come.

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