BWI Group Starts Production of Brake-By-Wire System in China

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BWI Group has initiated the pilot production of the iDBC1 One-Box system in China, a significant stride towards eventual mass production in Europe. This advanced intelligent integrated brake-by-wire system is set to enhance mainstream European automobile models and is also geared for mass production for a major US automotive OEM.

As a leading tier-one supplier, BWI Group boasts the design and development of the One-Box system’s fully automated production line. Leveraging its legacy of quality from its tenure with Delphi Corporation, the company ensures top-notch product quality through rigorous testing and error-proofing strategies.

The completion of the iDBC1 One-Box system’s fully automated production line is anticipated this February, with official operations commencing in Q2. This line embodies precision with high-precision conveyor lines and adopts a full-digital manufacturing management approach for flexible and reliable manufacturing. Each unit produced undergoes extensive testing to meet superior quality standards.

BWI Group’s technological prowess is built on over 100 years of development, tracing back to Delco and Delphi. With over 25 years in developing electronically controlled brake systems, from ABS to ESC, BWI adheres to international production standards to ensure quality and traceability.

The production line’s fully digitalized Manufacturing Execution System (MES) plays a pivotal role in maintaining standards, offering real-time quality control and traceability. The MES system facilitates comprehensive management, from quality control to intelligent warehousing.

BWI’s manufacturing process marries traditional strengths with cutting-edge technology for mass production flexibility. This allows swift adaptation to market shifts, design updates, and manufacturing process changes, ensuring mass customization while maintaining efficient production control.

Global standards for quality are a cornerstone of BWI Group’s operations, with each manufacturing station featuring leading control programs and equipment from esteemed suppliers. The company’s independent automated product performance test stations employ renowned vision inspection systems for unmatched assembly inspection reliability.

BWI Group is poised to leverage its global production capabilities, aiming to expedite the One-Box system’s mass production for the European and North American markets. This aligns with its strategy to supply high-quality products to top-tier international automobile groups, reinforcing its commitment to global standard quality.

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