Brembo to Host Mobility Innovation Conference

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Source: Brembo announcement

BERGAMO, Italy — Brembo, a leading company in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, has announced BREMBO HACKATHON, its first hackathon event, to be held from June 24 – 26, at Kilometro Rosso, the innovation district where the company has its headquarters.

Integrating the needs of our lifestyles with the ways in which we move is, now more than ever, a cornerstone of society’s development. Rethinking these issues by also exploiting non-traditional innovation paths can generate ideas with unexpected points of view and increase the speed of their adoption.

BREMBO HACKATHON was born on these premises, with the aim of finding new solutions that can provide concrete answers to the needs of tomorrow’s increasingly sustainable, digital and connected mobility. Initially created for the IT sector, the hackathon is an event format that facilitates the creation of innovative ideas and solutions on a common theme, through close collaboration between enthusiasts, experts and start-ups.

“Mobility is changing. The way we move, communicate and travel has evolved and will evolve rapidly in the coming years. In this context, BREMBO HACKATHON represents an opportunity that we wanted to seize, to make a further contribution to the mobility of the future,” commented Daniele Schillaci, CEO of Brembo. “This event is in line with our mission as a ‘solution provider’, geared towards providing innovative solutions for a unique driving experience.”

BREMBO HACKATHON is open to the participation of both start-ups and individuals, who will join Brembo to experience this new challenge.

There are two objectives that will engage the people who will participate in the event:

–  The search for digital solutions for the future of mobility (a challenge in which the start-ups will be involved);

– The development of the ecosystem and driving experience of SENSIFY™, new intelligent braking system, which integrates artificial intelligence into the independent control of the vehicle’s four wheels (challenge in which individuals will be involved).

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The best projects to emerge will be awarded prizes and will have the possibility of an incubation contract with Brembo.

The event will be held at Kilometro Rosso, one of Europe’s leading innovation districts. The meeting place between research and enterprise: a functional structure to generate synergies between entrepreneurial activities, research centers, laboratories, professional services and higher education, located in Bergamo.

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