Brembo Posts Historic Retrospective

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CURNO, Italy — Brembo has posted on its website a decade-by-decade retrospective of the company’s first 60 years as it celebrates this milestone in 2021.

1961 was the foundation year of a company that radically transformed a mere vehicle component into a distinctive element with its own unique identity, both in terms of esthetics and performance.

In 2021, Brembo celebrates its first 60 years of history: An entrepreneurial adventure steeped in technological innovation and continuous research in design and performance, which led to a starring role in Motorsport and a constant commitment to sustainability.

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In over 50 years, Brembo’s growth path has been dotted with great technological, sport and commercial successes, which have made the company a top leader in Italy and worldwide – a brand whose name is synonymous with “brakes” the world over. Its successes include the production of the first complete braking system, installed as standard on Guzzi and Laverda motorcycles in 1972; the Formula 1 supply for Ferrari in 1975; the first aluminum caliper and the first carbon discs in the 1980s. And then followed the listing on the stock exchange, the opening of new plants in all countries where the company’s clients operate, the inauguration of the Kilometro Rosso innovation district just outside Bergamo, up to the latest challenges met to respond to the current profound transformations and trends in mobility, now conceived as increasingly electric and sustainable.

The 1960s.

Brembo was founded just a few kilometers outside Bergamo in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei, the father of the group’s current president.

While it began as a small mechanical workshop, the experience of its founder in the mechanical sector and metallurgy was soon put to good use for prestigious clients such as Alfa Romeo.

1964 was a historic year for Brembo, when the company started production of the first Italian brake discs for the spare parts market. Soon afterwards, production activities were broadened to include other braking system components, and the competence and specialization of the company and the quality of its products and services earned international recognition.

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This paved the way for Brembo to become the leader in the European spare part brake disc market.

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