Brembo’s Executive Deputy Chairman Matteo Tiraboschi was interviewed by Automotive News Europe and talked about Brembo sales volume, among other topics.

Among the highlights:

Does Brembo need to grow?

We have to grow. Globally, we are small. We have to double our sales to €5 billion ($5.67 billion) per year.

Is the trend toward SUVs a boon for Brembo because bigger vehicles require bigger discs?

The heavier the car, the better for us, for two reasons: First, as you said, a heavier vehicle needs a stronger and more advanced brake. Second, carmakers look for ways to reduce weight, and we can help them do this.

How is Brembo working on regenerative braking?

We already produce some parts, and we are developing an integrated system. The end solution will be a box with integrated brake management.


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