Brembo Celebrates 10 Years of Aftermarket Brake Pads

The anniversary of Brembo’s first Aftermarket brake pad marks a 10 year evolution… for the most enthusiastic car drivers!
Great stories come from partnerships. This year Brembo is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch for its first pad sold in the Aftermarket, a goal that the company wants to tribute to all its customers and to the common passion for motoring. The path followed during these years doesn’t only come from the involvement in research and development: dealing with who uses every day the results of Brembo’s work is essential for increasing the variety of its offer, the number of Countries in which to expand and its turnover. A true relationship of trust, that in 2008 has led the company to expand its product range into the spare parts market by launching the first brake pad that still now accompanies its evolution.

2008: Brembo’s first pad sees the light

A long-lasting relationship is based on an essential rule: receiving requires giving. For this reason, ten years ago Brembo decided to present the market with a new product that would have completed its traditional brake disc offer and to launch Brembo’s first pad in the Aftermarket. The brand’s positive reputation and the network of enthusiastic customers had grown during the previous years. The market responded exceeding the expectations and providing momentum for a growth that still now distinguishes Brembo’s activities. The growing turnover has allowed to increase the production and to distribute discs and brake pads in new markets. Year after year this expansion has led to having a foothold in over eighty countries worldwide. During these ten years of relentless development Brembo has continued to update its range, evolving from a disc producer to an all-round brake system specialist. Pads, UV technology coated discs, drums, sports and e two-piece brake discs, shoes, brake pistons, and also hydraulic components, lubricants and brake fluids. Each part is designed to perfectly fit in with the other braking system’s elements. This gives the customers all the advantage of Brembo’s product potential. Brembo has sought innovative solutions to satisfy the requirements of evermore expert car drivers and to do so it has relied on the quality of the development and on introducing cutting edge technical solutions.

The range, the business and… The passion grows
Not only the offer has changed in these ten years. Also the car drivers’ passion and knowledge has grown with Brembo. This in regard to everything that is connected with the motorist’s world. Brembo had realised that it would have been able to continue consolidating this relationship of trust only by turning to car drivers that are evermore informed, involved and focused on quality, safety, comfort and performance. For this reason the search for the so called “X factor” had started. This with the aim of trying to put into the product the best of what has been identified during the development phase. The first steps in this segment have been taken by introducing Brembo’s Max slotted disc in early 2000s and Brembo’s Xtra drilled disc in 2016. These are two products that have been developed for a car driver that loves sports driving and is concerned about its car’s performance but that at the same time does not give up on comfort and driving safety.

2018: here comes the X factor with Brembo Xtra pad

Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 was were Brembo launched its brand new Brembo Xtra pad, the ideal partner for the Xtra and Max sports discs. This in order to match its customer’s expectations. The combination of these three products has given rise to the “X Range”, that puts into practice that factor that has been reached thanks to thousands of kilometres of road tests, of comparative tests and to the constant research of Brembo’s engineers. In fact this new brake pad is produced from a special material that is made from over 30 different components. This compound is perfect for enhancing the Xtra e Max discs’ performances, both in terms of pedal feeling as well as in terms of comfort and durability, all this while the braking noiselessness features are kept unaltered. With this high friction coefficient the braking is more stable and prompt, under all temperature conditions, without impairing the product’s mileage and while keeping the disc’s wear to a minimum.

Source: Brembo

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