Brembo Launches Advanced CCM-R Plus Disc

Brembo, a global frontrunner in automotive brake innovation, has unveiled its latest creation: the CCM-R Plus disc. This cutting-edge carbon ceramic material brake disc is targeted at the racing, hypercar, and premium sportscar sectors. The official announcement came during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Why It Matters

The CCM-R Plus disc exemplifies the culmination of Brembo’s extensive history and know-how in carbon brake materials, especially those used in the demanding Formula 1 circuits. Additionally, Brembo has seamlessly integrated its proficiency from CCM applications for daily road use, making the CCM-R Plus a unique blend of the best of both worlds.

Brembo Launches Advanced CCM-R Plus Disc

Key Points

  • Structure & Composition: The CCM-R Plus is crafted using a 3D structure of elongated carbon fibers embedded within a carbon matrix.
  • Special Coating Advantages:
    • Enhanced durability, lessening wear on both the disc brake surface and the brake pads.
    • Elevated friction coefficient delivers consistently high friction levels, eliminating the need for pre-bedding.
  • Position in Brembo Line-up: This new addition will complement the existing Performance CCM-R disc and is optimized to be used with organic race pads.
  • Performance: Primarily developed for endurance scenarios, the CCM-R Plus excels where significant energy dispersion is crucial, promising unwavering performance and longevity.
  • Advanced Engineering: The chosen materials and proprietary processes, fine-tuned for the CCM-R Plus disc, represent the pinnacle in carbon ceramic disc technologies.
  • Temperature Management: Building on their Formula 1 experiences and leveraging sophisticated computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling techniques, Brembo has innovated a venting system for the CCM-R and CCM-R Plus discs. This ensures a noticeable temperature decrease for both discs and pads under diverse dynamic conditions.

Bottom Line

With its outstanding specifications, the Brembo CCM-R Plus disc sets a new benchmark, surpassing other carbon ceramic products in the competitive motorsport and hypercar industry.


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