Bendix Surpasses Safety Goals in 2023

In 2023, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) upheld its longstanding tradition of exemplary safety standards, showcasing an exceptional year in workplace safety. With a remarkable Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) of 0.62, significantly lower than the industry norm, Bendix demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. This performance not only betters the previous year’s TCIR of 0.64 but also significantly outpaces the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reported average TCIR of 2.6 for similar sectors.

Key Highlights:

  • Bendix’s TCIR of 0.62: A notable improvement and far below the industry’s average.
  • Zero Recordable Injuries: Achieved at all four manufacturing facilities in Acuña, Mexico.
  • Certification for Safe Work Environments: Three locations in Acuña recognized by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).
  • Decades Without Injuries: The Montreal distribution center marks 20 years with no recordable injuries.

Bendix attributes its sustained safety success to a blend of leadership commitment and advanced safety processes. The company’s approach involves a comprehensive range of activities, from annual leadership safety sessions to the integration of Safety Share reminders in all meetings, aimed at ensuring the well-being of employees and visitors alike.

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Safety at Bendix is not just about avoiding injuries but about fostering a culture where safety is embedded in every aspect of work. Initiatives like the HSE Walk & Talk program, emergency work order (EWO) program, and Safety STARS recognition emphasize proactive behavior and continuous improvement towards safety.

Ongoing Commitment to Safety

Looking ahead, Bendix is focused on further enhancing its safety performance through risk reduction efforts and continued investments in safety initiatives. The company’s goal of zero injuries reflects its vision of a workplace where safety awareness and proactive incident prevention are integral to the culture.

Maria Gutierrez, Bendix senior director of ESG, encapsulates the company’s ethos, stating, “At Bendix, we are building a culture where safe is the only way we work.” This relentless pursuit of safety excellence is what sets Bendix apart as a leader in workplace safety, continually striving to ensure that every employee works in an environment that prioritizes their health and safety above all.

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