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Source: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems announcement

AVON, Ohio – With new capabilities added to its e-commerce platform – – Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC provides even more online tools to help meet specialized needs within the commercial vehicle aftermarket. The latest round of updates streamlines parts availability checks, as well as allows for a single sign-on for customers when returning Cores.

“Our goal is to add a steady stream of features and functionality to B2Bendix that delivers increasing value and convenience,” said Marylou Hornung, director of sales operations for Bendix. “Listening to the people who use B2Bendix regularly and who provide us with valuable feedback is a huge part of our continuous improvement agenda. We serve a wide range of customers across different facets of the business, and it’s important to ensure that we’re supplying a smooth and convenient experience to every one of them.”

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BENDIX TECH TIPS: TRAILER STABILITY SYSTEMS features high-resolution, 360-degree views of more than 9,000 Bendix products, kits, and related service items. It delivers streamlined product searches, accelerated ordering, online warranty and Core services, and the opportunity to readily verify genuine parts.

Quick Answers

With the B2Bendix tool, Bendix makes finding the parts you need as straightforward as possible. B2Bendix now allows logged-in customer partners to check availability and price through the website, rather than having to route the request through purchasing and ordering channels.

“Customers asked us to make it possible for counter people or others within the organization to check specific availability and pricing, even if they don’t have the responsibility for purchasing,” Hornung explained. “It’s a big timesaving benefit to quite a few of our customer partners who just need the information to answer requests from their local customers without having to first route a request through their regular purchasing organization for the answer.”

Fewer Forms to Fill

Recently, Bendix launched a comprehensive partnership with Argus Logistics, part of which includes management of all Core return transportation needs. The change opened the door to yet another e-commerce improvement: With a single sign-on, Bendix customers need only to enter their return and shipment information in one place, saving time and eliminating hassles.

“Previously, after providing all this information to Bendix, if the Core return was over 500 pounds, the customers had to visit a third-party logistics provider site and fill out basically the same forms again,” Hornung said. “Now that we’ve integrated the site with Argus, everything is all in one place; customers have instant access to the bill of lading and all of the related information, without having to make a phone call or search another site.”

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Since launching B2Bendix in 2021, Bendix has enhanced the platform’s services to improve speed, accuracy, and convenience – all to help customers keep North America’s commercial vehicles and the people at the wheel rolling safely.

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