Bendix: Spring Maintenance Ensures Truck Safety

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With the harsh conditions of winter receding, Bendix emphasizes the importance of spring maintenance for trucks. This seasonal transition demands attention to preventative maintenance to ensure vehicles remain in peak condition, minimizing time in the shop and maximizing road safety. The latest Bendix Tech Tips series highlights essential maintenance practices post-winter.

Key Highlights:

  • Critical Air System Checks: Winter’s freeze-thaw cycles can significantly impact the air brake system. Special focus on air dryers and tanks for corrosion and functionality is advised.
  • Brake Maintenance: Inspect for corrosion, ensure brake components meet OEM specifications, and check for proper lubrication.
  • Valve Performance: Spring is the time to assess and rectify any potential issues caused by de-icing solutions or general wear, impacting valve performance.
  • ADAS System Inspection: Pay close attention to ABS and ESC systems, including sensor checks and calibration to maintain optimal performance.

Air System Vigilance

Jason Kolecki, Bendix’s director, underscores the critical nature of a well-maintained air system for trucking efficiency. Key areas include monitoring air dryers for corrosion and ensuring air tanks are free from damage. Additionally, it’s essential to check for any signs of air leaks, which can significantly impact system efficiency.

Brake System Care

Mark Holley of Bendix advises thorough inspection of brake systems post-winter. This includes checking brake linings, friction materials, and ensuring all components are free from damage and corrosion. Regular lubrication is also crucial to prevent moisture build-up.

Valve and ADAS Maintenance

Spring maintenance should extend to checking valves for leaks and ensuring ADAS technologies such as ABS and ESC are functioning correctly. Issues with wheel-speed sensors or damaged wiring harnesses should be addressed immediately.

Tire and Safety Checks

Ensuring tires are in good condition and all safety systems are operational is vital for spring readiness. This includes verifying tire pressure monitoring systems and ensuring all components of the ADAS technologies are calibrated and functioning as intended.

By adhering to these guidelines, trucks can tackle the roads post-winter with confidence. For more information, visit Bendix’s knowledge hub at or contact their Tech Team for support.

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