Bendix Mexico Plant Earns Safety Certification

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems’ facility, Plant 3, in Acuña, Mexico, has achieved a significant safety milestone. It recently received certification as a Safe and Healthy Work Environment by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). This certification highlights the plant’s commitment to employee health and safety. In addition, the entire Acuña campus celebrated a year without any recordable injuries in July.

Why It Matters

This certification is more than a mere accolade; it represents Bendix’s deep-rooted commitment to workplace safety and employee well-being. The achievement reflects the company’s long-standing emphasis on creating a culture of wellness and safety, which is crucial in the manufacturing industry. It also demonstrates Bendix’s alignment with global standards in employee health and safety, potentially setting a benchmark for other companies in the sector.

Key Points

  • Certification Achievement: Plant 3 at the Acuña campus received the IMSS certification for its outstanding safety and health standards.
  • 365 Days Injury-Free: The entire campus marked a full year without recordable injuries, showcasing an effective safety culture.
  • ELSSA Program Participation: Bendix joined the ELSSA program in 2022, committing to stringent health and safety practices.
  • Wellness Campaigns: Plant 3 has been actively engaging in quarterly wellness campaigns, covering various health topics and providing on-site medical resources.
  • Future Goals: The other facilities on the Acuña campus are also working towards achieving ELSSA certification, with substantial progress already made.

Bottom Line

Bendix’s achievement in Acuña underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to creating a safe and healthy workplace. The certification by IMSS and the 365-day injury-free record highlight Bendix’s success in embedding a culture of safety and wellness in its operations. This accomplishment not only benefits the employees but also sets a standard in the industry for health and safety. Bendix’s commitment to employee well-being is a cornerstone of its operational philosophy, reflecting a modern approach to corporate responsibility and employee care in the manufacturing sector.


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