Bendix Marks 5-Year Milestone at Monterrey Tech Center

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC celebrates a significant milestone with its Technical Center in Monterrey, Mexico, marking five years of remarkable growth and expansion. Initially launched in 2018 with 34 employees in a 7,800-square-foot space, the center now boasts 80 engineers and over three dozen administrative staff in an expanded 25,500-square-foot facility. The Monterrey center, integral to Bendix’s North American R&D efforts, has evolved into a powerhouse for developing cutting-edge solutions across an expansive portfolio, catering to a globally evolving customer base.

Why It Matters

This growth story is more than a testament to Bendix’s commitment to innovation; it illustrates the strategic importance of Monterrey in the broader North American commercial vehicle industry. The center’s expansion, including a new engineering vehicle garage and increased lab capacity, underscores the company’s dedication to advancing and emerging technologies. This progress not only strengthens Bendix’s global presence but also solidifies its role as a technology innovator in the commercial vehicle sector.

Key Points

  • Bendix’s Monterrey Technical Center has expanded from 34 to over 110 employees in five years, significantly growing its engineering and administrative capacities.
  • The center’s location in Mexico’s Research and Technological Innovation Park (PIIT) is pivotal for Bendix’s North American R&D efforts, working closely with global engineering teams.
  • Claus Beyer, Bendix VP, highlights the center’s role in driving the company’s global engineering capabilities and introducing emerging technologies.
  • The center has been instrumental in developing and validating new safety technologies, leading independent projects and collaborating with other North American engineering hubs.
  • Investment in facility expansion, including a new $1.1 million USD engineering truck garage, has enhanced the center’s vehicle testing capabilities.
  • Strong ties with local universities and research centers have been a cornerstone of the center’s success, fostering innovation and talent development.

Bottom Line

Bendix’s Monterrey Technical Center stands as a shining example of strategic growth and innovation. Over five years, it has transformed into a pivotal element of Bendix’s global engineering network, contributing significantly to the company’s R&D capabilities and market presence. This expansion not only reflects Bendix’s commitment to technological advancement but also its responsiveness to evolving global market demands, positioning the company at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry’s future.


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