Bendix 2023 Community Support Success

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Bendix significantly expanded its community support in 2023, surpassing previous years with more than $1 million in grants, sponsorships, and donations, along with over 9,000 hours of employee volunteer time. This commitment to social responsibility and community engagement underscores the company’s dedication to fostering social cohesion, supporting underserved youth and families, and promoting education, the environment, health and wellness, and addressing social issues.

Key Highlights:

  • $1,051,000 in Total Community Support: This includes grants, donations, and volunteer incentives.
  • Over 9,500 Volunteer Hours: A nearly 10% increase from 2022, reflecting deeper employee engagement.
  • Diverse Support Initiatives: Emphasis on education, the environment, health and wellness, and social cohesion.
  • Innovative Programs: Notable are the Dollars for Doers incentives and Get Involved! grants, directly benefiting a wide array of nonprofit organizations and community projects.

The core of Bendix’s corporate giving revolves around identifying local donation opportunities and volunteer efforts, fostering a culture of community engagement among employees across North America. The company’s philosophy manifests through financial contributions and hands-on support, featuring a comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility.

Donating Funds and Time

The Local Care teams at Bendix locations played a pivotal role, ensuring each North American site participated in at least one corporate-sponsored volunteer event. These teams facilitated a diverse range of community service projects, from STEM education days and habitat restorations to fundraising for disaster relief. Notably, the Avon headquarters saw 42% of employees volunteering, highlighting the strong culture of service.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) further exemplified Bendix’s commitment through various fundraising, donation drives, and volunteering events focused on core causes, such as the Women@Bendix and Bendix Patriots groups.

Going Above and Beyond

The Get Involved! program distinguished itself by awarding $159,950 in grants to employee-supported efforts, bringing the total to over $1.14 million since its inception. Meanwhile, the Dollars for Doers program continued to incentivize employee volunteerism, with 54% of the $492,000 of corporate Bendix donations in 2023 allocated to local nonprofits and matching funds.

Bendix’s comprehensive support in 2023—spanning financial contributions, volunteer efforts, and program initiatives—demonstrates an unwavering dedication to community engagement and social responsibility, reflecting a culture deeply embedded within the organization’s ethos.

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