Allied Nippon’s EV+ Elevates Brake Performance

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Allied Nippon, a leader in brake pad manufacturing, is embracing the future of mobility with its EV+ range, designed exclusively for electric vehicles. This launch aligns with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) latest report, indicating that the UK now hosts over one million registered EVs. The introduction of EV+ is a strategic move to cater to the aftermarket needs of this growing vehicle segment.

Matt Ellis, EV+ Project Lead at Allied Nippon, highlighted the necessity of this innovation, stating, “The EV market demands specialised solutions, considering the unique challenges posed by the increased weight and speed of these vehicles.” The development of the EV+ range underscores Allied Nippon’s commitment to addressing the specific requirements of electric vehicles, ensuring superior braking performance and noise reduction.

Key Advantages of EV+

The EV+ range is not merely a branding exercise but a comprehensive re-engineering effort to meet the distinct demands of electric vehicles. The range boasts enhanced stopping power and ultra-low noise levels, achieved through a new friction compound and a scorching treatment process complemented by the proprietary BRAKEBOOST Instant Friction layer. This meticulous development effort ensures that EV+ brake pads are fully equipped to handle the weight and speed challenges of EVs, offering a significantly improved braking experience.

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In terms of noise reduction, a crucial feature given the quieter operation of EVs, EV+ pads have secured an AA-rating for noise level, with tests showing a peak output of just 88dB. This achievement highlights Allied Nippon’s success in creating a braking solution that complements the silent operation of electric vehicles.

Enhancing Aftermarket Opportunities

Ellis further emphasized the upselling potential of EV+, suggesting it as a lucrative opportunity for motor factors and garages to elevate their service offerings and drive revenue. The EV+ range not only meets the evolving needs of electric vehicles but also enhances the customer experience, presenting aftermarket businesses with a chance to boost their EV-related revenues. “EV+ presents a chance to not only meet the evolving needs of EVs but also to elevate the customer experience and drive additional revenue,” Ellis remarked, pointing out the competitive pricing and quality assurance that Allied Nippon provides.

As electric vehicles continue to gain market share, the EV+ brake pads represent a strategic addition to Allied Nippon’s product lineup, offering aftermarket services a unique value proposition. The range is set to be available by the end of March, covering 37 popular EV models, including the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3, ensuring wide applicability.

For further information, Allied Nippon encourages visits to their website, signaling a new era in aftermarket support for electric vehicles in the UK.

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