Allied Nippon Launches EV+ Pads

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Allied Nippon, a leading brake pad manufacturer, announces the launch of EV+, a new range of brake pads exclusively designed for Electric Vehicles (EVs). This range is poised to revolutionize the automotive aftermarket, offering a perfect blend of high performance and reduced noise levels.

The advent of the Electric Vehicle has transformed the automotive landscape. With over one million EVs now on UK roads, the need for specialized aftermarket products like EV+ is more significant than ever. Allied Nippon’s introduction of EV+ aligns with this growing demand, showcasing the company’s innovative approach.

Enhanced Stopping Power and Ultra-Low Noise

EV+ is engineered to address the unique challenges posed by EVs, known for their rapid acceleration and substantial weight. The new friction compound in EV+ pads, treated with a process known as ‘scorching’ and complemented by the BRAKEBOOST Instant Friction layer, ensures enhanced friction stability and superior stopping power.

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A key focus for Allied Nippon is to maintain the quiet driving experience synonymous with EVs. To this end, EV+ brake pads are designed to be ultra-quiet, achieving a remarkable 88Db peak output during testing, securing an AA rating.

Matt Ellis, the EV+ project lead and Product Development Manager at Allied Nippon, emphasizes the range’s market potential: “Allied Nippon has a track record for offering up premium performance without the premium price. With EV+, we have dialled up our performance levels even further, and this clearly warrants a higher selling price for the product range. However, for a brake pad that’s designed exclusively for Electric Vehicles, EV+ remains competitively priced in the market.” Ellis also highlighted the opportunity for motor factors and garages to profit from this innovative range by effectively communicating its benefits.

Advanced Features and Environmental Consideration

The EV+ range stands out with its new friction material, BRAKEBOOST Instant Friction, and scorching process, enhancing its overall performance. Furthermore, the use of multi-material backing shims and OE matching chamfers significantly reduces vibration and noise.

Notably, EV+ brake pads are environmentally sensitive, being certified copper-free and ‘N’ rated by the AASA to prevent marine habitat contamination.

Quality and Range Focus

Allied Nippon’s commitment to quality is evident in EV+’s sophisticated engineering. The company offers an ‘exploded’ 3D visual for a detailed view of the pad’s construction. The initial launch includes 37-part numbers, covering popular EV models like Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3.

The EV+ brake pads will be available from early February in Allied Nippon’s redesigned ‘blue wave’ box livery. For more information, visit www.allied-nippon-eu.

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