AEQUITA Completes Acquisition of TMD Friction

TMD Friction, a global leader in high-quality brake friction solutions, has announced the successful completion of its acquisition by AEQUITA, a Munich-based private industrial group. This acquisition, which followed all necessary regulatory approvals, marks a significant milestone in the automotive and brake industry.

Why It Matters

The acquisition of TMD Friction by AEQUITA is not just a business transaction; it signifies a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing TMD’s market position. TMD Friction’s decision to remain an independent brand underlines its commitment to maintaining its unique identity in the market. The addition of Robert Roiger, Partner at AEQUITA, as Co-CEO, is expected to bring new leadership dynamics to TMD’s management.

Key Points

  • TMD Friction is a renowned specialist in brake friction solutions, catering to the automotive and brake industry worldwide.
  • AEQUITA, the acquiring company, is a Munich-based private industrial group focused on long-term value enhancement.
  • The acquisition has received all required regulatory approvals, ensuring compliance and smooth transition.
  • TMD Friction maintains its independence and brand identity post-acquisition.
  • Robert Roiger from AEQUITA joins as Co-CEO, enhancing the existing management team.

Bottom Line

This acquisition promises a collaborative future for TMD Friction and AEQUITA, where shared expertise and operational strategies aim to strengthen TMD’s market presence. The leadership under David Baines and Robert Roiger is expected to drive TMD’s transformation, focusing on recovery and expansion. With a strategic emphasis on quality, service, and growth, TMD Friction is set to reinforce its position as a trusted supplier in its industry, leveraging AEQUITA’s experience and resources.


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