ADVICS Enhances Technical Library

ADVICS, a frontrunner in advanced braking technology, has recently expanded its technical resources with the addition of four new instructional videos. This initiative is aimed at providing automotive technicians with essential tips and best practices for daily brake maintenance tasks.

These videos, which enrich the already comprehensive ADVICS technical library, offer detailed tutorials on addressing common issues such as brake noise, rotor warping, pedal pressure discrepancies, and brake fluid leaks. They serve as practical guides for technicians seeking to enhance their skills in brake system maintenance and repair.

Jason Lang, the product manager for the aftermarket at ADVICS, emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting technicians. “As an aftermarket supplier, we’re always looking out for the techs who use our products, so it’s important that we can produce educational materials to support them with their daily work,” Lang said. He noted that the video series presents an exciting avenue to animate their written procedures.

The production of these videos took place at the ADVICS North America Tech Center, located in Plymouth, Michigan. This facility is known for its cutting-edge technology and expertise in braking systems, making it an ideal setting for creating such educational content.

The inclusion of these videos in the ADVICS technical library marks a significant enhancement of their resources. This library already offers a wealth of information, including helpful articles for technicians, detailed installation procedures, and warranty information.

For automotive technicians and others interested in learning more about ADVICS and its range of technical resources, the complete library, including the newly added videos, can be accessed at This online platform serves as a comprehensive repository of technical articles, videos, and additional information crucial for professionals in the automotive industry.

For direct access to these resources, visit ADVICS Technical Resources.


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